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Ok.I had started to learn PhotoShop CS2 because i wanted to make Websites.(Websites?? >> PS??)

Once i knew the basics of Graphics Editing.I went pursuing my main goal. ie. Learning HTML/CSS and Java Scripts.

But right now my exams i over enabling me to have more time on my computer.So I though why not open this shop again.

Again like before all works ie.Signs, Avatars and Userbars are FREE.The works are chargeable only if you require the .PSD of the order.Which you should mention along with the order beforehand.

Please be patient for the work to complete.


You can request Sign,Avatar or UserBar here.



Userbar:Free (No there is no typing mistake).


Some Of My Former Works.











If You Use This> Jace Rapes You.



If You Use This> Jace Rapes You



Although i don't have much experience in Animated GIFs.I can still try to make some.

Example:My Sign.

Other examples can be seen on LCF members signs.

Or the Stunting Challenge Topic.



Send Money to Lord Voldemort

If you are dissatisfied with my work at first try.

I will make another one.And no Extra charge.

And you need to have patience for the work to be done.

And i promise to be as quick as possible.



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Ok then.

You guys wont let me off without the details :bleh:

Any way as the previous one matched with Jace's so this time instead of British Passport i just entered PASSPORT in google.For pic and it came up with a passport with this pic.As i liked the pic i used it.

Side Notes:Tommy:Can you pls tell the colour.

ansd Godfather:do u use Visitor BRK font in userbars?

And Ciaran just curious where are you gonna use it?

Edited by Lord Voldemort
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lol, JD can I have another pic please. This time it is not for me, It is for a friend of mine.

Can you use this pic:


My friend is sort of a emo/goth/rocker, sort of person (hence the pic). So can I just get writing on it saying Gary. Maybe put it in a gothic sort of font. But if you can find a better pic then use it because I just used found that one on google.

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