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well i check up on your site all the time but never joined the forums, i been on holiday and was shocked to see the news on your site about how the australian government r taking out the house robbing and drug taking.

All my mates at school r really lookin forward to GTA: SA coz of all the new features but we'll most likely be unable to do half of them

when GTA 3 was realeased in australia they didnt alow ppl to have sex in the back of the cars, San Andreas will have alot worse so our game will in the long run, end up G rated.

anyway my point to this is are any other members on this forum australian and know how to get hold of the full version and does anyone else here have such a tight arse government? :jumpon:

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The Australian government have given San Andreas a MA15 rating, currently the highest rating there is (which is why certain things have been cut). A higher rating than MA15 is currently under review that would be given to all videogames of a violent nature that would only be suitable for mature audiences.

As for other Australian members here, i'm not sure there are many, Tom is Australian but he doesn't go on any forums any more.

Getting the New Zealand copy of the game which is apparently uncut would be your best option of getting an uncensored version of the game

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the bloke at teh store was really off his nut when i said i wanted to preorder... he was tellin me about wqhen he playes vice city it was funny, he said that theyve only taken out hookers and drugs from what hes heard, ill settle for that, have with the last 2

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