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  1. I read on another website that they react when they just see a gun, I hope that isn't the case because. I like killin, and running around with a gun is more fun. Anyone know which story is true? The rest of the news is good.
  2. The ones on the left look more convincing. I think in the middle it just gets too much and comes across as crapper than it is. I was hoping to see some other photoshops of places people would like to see a big IV add.
  3. It wasn't that complicated to do, I just wanted to see what it would look like. It did take some time however, but I just done small parts every day or so.
  4. If you worked at Rockstar and were in charge of advertising, and had unlimited money, which they don't. Where would you put adds? Somewhere extravagant that everyone knows, like the Eiffel Tower or.... The Sydney Opera House. If they could make an add like this, I don't think they'd need to do anymore.
  5. coming from an Australian... having GTA set in Australia would be as boring as hell, coz Australia doesnt have much major crime at all. I think we have like 2 "big" crime families in Melbourne.
  6. I've made an mp3 copy of that but I'm not sure if there's a submit download or anything for this site. It's not the best of quality, i might be able to email it to a mod if you want it
  7. theres 2 designs out atm these arent the one i saw ages ago but the 2nd one looks good, i think its a fake. sony said they hadnt seen it but sony japan may have released the image they werent sure so meh, still looks cool PS3 Design 1 PS3 Design 2
  8. i dont have any of them for PC but im interested in the mods and was gonna buy GTA 3 but didnt have ne money on me ill prolly get San Andreas on PC but nto straight away... too expensive
  9. im with chris, i dont care, but i hate the people who really show it off with the sound of their voice and the hand pointing down, that annoys me
  10. u cant go to other GTA tipsiutes and say that another one is better, first off its called being an asshole, 2nd off, its just not right oh btw http://www.edgeforums.net/gta/showthread.php?threadid=34667 he done the same thing at Gtagaming
  11. search sanitys website, if its their go in and ask for it, if they havent got then they can order one in for you
  12. (breaks into song) cmon aussie cmon yeah cmon (looks around) Adelaide, Australia
  13. heres mine... its a pic of chester bennington from Linkin Park that i grunged in photoshop... ncie and neat, try to keep little on desktop coz its all in the start menu anyway My background, cant post using tags
  14. glitch

    Your age

    14, roughyl 2 months and i can play it legally god i lvoe australias MA15 rating
  15. my fav is "have you ever done a cat up the ass?"
  16. all from binco in ym current game, green hoody, green tracksuit, green sneakers, dogtags no watch and no hat in my other game all from victim, grey shirt with white skivvy undernesth, grey jeans, black sneakers, black hat, black sunnys, gold watch and dogtag
  17. go to a more first person view for the chopper mission and fire like crazy for the Zero mission i held X then let go etc... from the start go for the planes on the left... for shooting some of them i actually landed the plane, aimed and shot tehn flew away
  18. lol i think i did that too... still cant dance for shit
  19. im just curious as to what everyones most hated mission is. Mines 'Lifes a Beach' for OG Loc i clocked the game and this mission was hard, now im playing a new game and i cant even get past 3500 dance points
  20. if thsi is the one when u steal the truck with the chopper, you got like 15ish left, the heist, (maybe caligulas casino jobs), mad dogg and the riots
  21. Millie... she is home from 12:00 to 22:00, shes very picky so dont take her to a fast food place. take her out to a bar, theres one south east on "the old strip" opposite a strip club that she likes, or if you cant be bothered dating her for the card, kill her on a date and youll get a call from Wu Zi saying to break into her house to get the keycard, thats what i done.
  22. dont worry i found out that when u get 100% she gives u the suit. i thaught i ahd to wear the suit to our next date and something else happens like u get married or sumthin i dunno lol. the other girlfriend r a pain in teh ass, with one u need to be fat, the other u have to be skinny with little muscle etc.
  23. I'm up to the final date with Denise but whenever i do successfully do the date the bar doesnt go up any further. Is their something different i've gotta do for this one? like flowers?, she sent me a present but my wardroab doesnt seem any different. Also while on the topic of girlfriends, i read that theres 2 other girfriends called Helena and Katie, are they real and fi so when do you get them? thanks.
  24. i completed the whole game, after doing this mission i went on, i baught a new comp so i didnt reply for a few days
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