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Grand Theft Auto: The Lost Stories

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Really interesting ideas OGTAM though how do we know that the Leone Family came from sicily since they did kill a sicilian gang in LCS at the end.

I'm pretty sure it was mentioned in LCS some where.

Or san andreas, dunno but this is quite good but something that needs to be more of a movie then a game coz the game would be really big.

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Uhhh..no, this deals with a future Grand Theft Auto games. So it would go into the most recent GTA game forum. This isn't just what I want it to be, this is what it could be.

EDIT: What took you so long in moving it? Is it because we had a disagreement in that one topic?

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No, I moved this because I don't feel it fits in with the GTA4 forums, it's a fanfic more than anything else. Like I said, if another member of staff feels differently about it, by all means move it back.

A Fanfic usually consist of chapters and chapters...this is just my thought on a future GTA game...

Creativity is a place for just random made up things. I put all the stuff together. It was up about 2 weeks before you moved it. If it weren't in the correct place it would have been moved by now, but you just randomly moved it coincidentally after we had an argument. You might as well close this topic because you're just causing me to spam. You know what, I'll just take out the text myself. I'm tired of this BS.

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