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Light my Pyre


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Ok I'm now stuck on the "Light my Pyre" mission. I recently found the bike after trying to do it in the nearest car to no avail. I read on the gamespot walkthrough that you can just drive really fast to prawn island and it will skip to the next part of the mision. How easy is this to do and can you give me some advice?


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I don't think it will skip until you've killed those guys to keep Lance's dumb ass alive.

This mission pissed me off SO BAD because Lance is a f***ING JACKASS. Okay, so here's some tips:

1. Lance cannot fall off his bike. Avoid riding near him AT ALL COSTS. He WILL swerve for NO REASON and HIT YOU and KNOCK YOU off your bike. I failed that mission too many times because of that >.<

2. If you're using that PCJ near the bushes, you can go rather faster than Lance((although it seems like his acceleration is altered)). Take off past him((especially if he got spun around or something)), and destroy the cars hopefully faster than he can get there. Don't stay too far ahead of him, though, sometimes a car appears ahead of him, and thus, behind you, and you have to go BACK to him.

I'd give you tips on the second part of the mission, but I don't want to give away what happens.

Good luck, and hope you pass the mission.

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