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and what exactly are you supposed to do to them? Also, this should be in the graphics and creativity section.

I was looking for some feedback on the quality and installation instruction's but i'm just going to release them anyway!! Graphic's and creativity.....right gotcha...:wacko:

You mean the Bike in Vice City?

And you modded it and need anyone to try it?

Na i made sound effect's for the sanchez in San Andreas !! Sorry should have said it was for San An!!

Cheers :thumbsup:

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o Shit, I made a BIG f*** up lol, sorry Sasquatch, I didn't see the pictures were in YOUR SIG... :wtf::bashhead:

I thought you wanted someone to use the pictures in your sig lol, Im such an idiot, I must have been very tired that day...

That's alright dude we all have our off day's :rofl2:

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