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  1. Split my shin open and had to get 7 stitch's after a 5 hour wait in emergency while getting annoyed by drunkered's who stank of booze trying to scronge a smoke....although the nurse was hot so that made up for alot!! Other than that my day was quite normal!! Check how sexy my fukin leg's are!!
  2. Yeah not bad....did you create the character yourself?
  3. This is the latest and probably last release in the series!! V3 include's : 30+ container's and Canopy texture's Updated map's with new building's/structure's and Enex marker's on existing one's Wav file's to replace freefall SFX Replacement GXT file which get's rid of "Open your parachute!" warning!! Jumpsuit's,Helmet's,Tracking pant's and Jacket's all tweaked by Soul_Courageous Building txd's to turn added building in to glass tower's Enjoy and let me know what you think PEACE! Download
  4. Thx dude!! Admin close this plz!!
  5. I messed something up while editing....... can someone post up an original copy of the paracx.txd plz. What a tool i am lol Thx
  6. I still play SA cause mod's keep the game fresh....come to think of it i'll probably still be playing it in 2 year's time especially if they make the PC version of GTA 4 hard as f??k to mod!! There's alway's somethin new comin out that keep's me interested! SA-MP is also another reason!! hhhmmmmm wonder if i'll still play as much when this base jumping game come's out......that's another one of the reason's i still play,for me base jumping doesn't get boring!
  7. I was in a daze for a couple of minute's just staring at the counter...... Dont know why but i just bookmarked it!! I still think it'll be Russia!!
  8. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as an IPL Region Map?? I'm making a Map Mod and i've found a bug.I think it might have something to do with an IPL...i might have edited the wrong one. I need to know where one IPL stop's and the other start's!! Any idea's ????
  9. That's alright dude we all have our off day's
  10. I was looking for some feedback on the quality and installation instruction's but i'm just going to release them anyway!! Graphic's and creativity.....right gotcha... Na i made sound effect's for the sanchez in San Andreas !! Sorry should have said it was for San An!! Cheers
  11. Would someone test some Sanchez SFX i made?? I need some feedback on them to see if there fit for release! PM if yur into it!! Thank's
  12. Cold War Kid's - Hang Me Out To Dry Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle Led Zep - That's The Way Jose Gonzalez - Down The Hillside Jedi Mind Trick's - Walk With Me Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower Jesse Cook - Gypsy Soul Pinback - Non-Photo Blue
  13. That site is defo the best but i just thought i'd sling this into the mix!! Not as many but still! JP Racing
  14. I think Scotland will be the location for a GTA but not this one!! After all Rockstar is a scottish company.........but for GTA4 i think it will be Russia,dont know why just a feeling
  15. If you still have problems once you re-install try updating your drivers!! Might not do a thing but give it a go anywho!
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