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Making a GTA guide- care to contribute?


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Ok. I've been a SA player 4 a long time, but i won't say I'm a guru on SA. I've played the game 3 times. First with cheats and the other 2 without. I'm going 4 my fourth try, this time aiming to complete 100%. but unlike other ppl, i enjoy gta to the max.

And by this, i mean, i play the game to fullest extend possible. I take part in countless gang wars, mod many cars, date like hell, hire prost. often etc.

R* made a diamond, and I really mean it. but some Motherf*****s out there often complain that GTA is too boring.

Just today, i found a post on this website that says he chucked gta out the window after playing it for 15 minutes. He thought it was a crappy game. Well, screw him. (sorry) But seriously!?

So to fix this problem of ppl complaining that gta is too boring, i decided to build a guide on how to play, AND I REALLY MEAN PLAY GTA: SA to the best possible limits.

This guide would cover the finer details of playing SA, and others, like making videos.

Examples: How to enjoy {gang wars,dating, car modificationspolice chases}. 'fake missions', ;fake challenges', stunting (i will require others' advice in this department as i have nvr stunted before) and anymore if you have other ideas

I have already started on the guide. But i realized that to make this guide reli rock, we need the contribution of others who feel the same way about SA.

So, if anyone here has any ideas or would like to contribute ideas, pls post a reply with your ideas. If you want to include cheat codes pls state so. I would appreciate your help, and would accredit you guys. Thanx for making GTA a more interesting game to play. hope to hear your ideas.

PS: Pls post your ideas, even if you feel it may be ridiculous. Don't be afraid of criticism. Cause 2-3 'ridiculous' ideas might make up a great idea. And pls don't criticize others; they are entitled to their opinions.


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