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  1. Best spot will be pier 69. There is only one place cops can come from (except helis). I will be speeding down the pier in a bullet, with 4 cops on m tail...and just as i reach the end, i bail. those morons go right into the water. Ha. But i also love sniping from rooftops. Low buildings are best.
  2. i use cheats in my free time when i'm not playin missions... but after that i reload. Using cheats spoils the game on my ps2...i dun noe why.
  3. denise givs you a pimp suit after a long time...but does anything else happen after you acheive 100%
  4. Indestructible vehicles and after that, spawn hydra. Then i have fun over area 69.
  5. they were supposed to, until smoke and ryder sold them out
  6. Ok. I've been a SA player 4 a long time, but i won't say I'm a guru on SA. I've played the game 3 times. First with cheats and the other 2 without. I'm going 4 my fourth try, this time aiming to complete 100%. but unlike other ppl, i enjoy gta to the max. And by this, i mean, i play the game to fullest extend possible. I take part in countless gang wars, mod many cars, date like hell, hire prost. often etc. R* made a diamond, and I really mean it. but some Motherf*****s out there often complain that GTA is too boring. Just today, i found a post on this website that says he chucked gta out the window after playing it for 15 minutes. He thought it was a crappy game. Well, screw him. (sorry) But seriously!? So to fix this problem of ppl complaining that gta is too boring, i decided to build a guide on how to play, AND I REALLY MEAN PLAY GTA: SA to the best possible limits. This guide would cover the finer details of playing SA, and others, like making videos. Examples: How to enjoy {gang wars,dating, car modificationspolice chases}. 'fake missions', ;fake challenges', stunting (i will require others' advice in this department as i have nvr stunted before) and anymore if you have other ideas I have already started on the guide. But i realized that to make this guide reli rock, we need the contribution of others who feel the same way about SA. So, if anyone here has any ideas or would like to contribute ideas, pls post a reply with your ideas. If you want to include cheat codes pls state so. I would appreciate your help, and would accredit you guys. Thanx for making GTA a more interesting game to play. hope to hear your ideas. PS: Pls post your ideas, even if you feel it may be ridiculous. Don't be afraid of criticism. Cause 2-3 'ridiculous' ideas might make up a great idea. And pls don't criticize others; they are entitled to their opinions. Thanx
  7. The heist at LV was the best part of the LV missions. You had to do all kinds of things: Stealing Police bikes, breahing into the army base to steal the `copter, and stealing the building layouts. but the only part that was reli horrible about the heist was: MILLIE. That girl has a serious problem. I got so sick of her. I bought a house near her's (you noe, the mansion with the triple garage). and every day i changed into the gimp suit, to go on a date with her. in the end, i just shot her with the shot gun and killed her . then i took the card. (well, actually...i killed her quite a number of times. After killing, i reloaded and just differed my killing style. Trying placing satchel charges on her...it's great. Another trick i tried was driving straight into the ocean with her in the passenger seat.HAHA) but after the heist, you get a freakin` million dollars!!! After that, it was smorgasbord for me... but i don't get it...why would SA be borin`?? Let me tell you guys why most ppl find it boring. The answer is simple; finishititis. What is finishititis?? It is a condition in which a person is driven to finish a game, such as SA, in the shortest possible time, that they forget the most important thing...they FORGET TO PLAY IT!! I'll start a thread on this once i gather up some more dirt...then i think i'll make a guide on what are the things you can do in SA...
  8. are criminal ratings based on the amount of stars you get??? or is there a certain number of points for committing certain crimes like murder?
  9. It is the best game ever. but no words can sum up how great it is. Simply put: IT IS A LIFE AWAY FROM LIFE... SA 4 LIFE!!
  10. Wait. What are are criminal ratings??..I've played this game for a long time, and i have nvr heard of criminal ratings.
  11. I've been playin` GTA:sa for a long time...but i still don' tget the whole 'set' idea... In the beginning of the game, Sweet tells CJ that The 'Temple Drive Family' and ' Seville Boulevard Family' are beefin` qand split with the the Grove. Who are this Families?? Is GSF made up of 3 smaller gangs?? This is just a confusion i've had for some time...and i decided to ask on this forum...pls, if anyonme has an answer, tell me.Thnx
  12. Sniper rifle; especially if i'm on the roof of a building overlookin` streets. but loved the machine gun too...there was just something about the whirring sound that was so pleasant...until people start dyin`.
  13. i love a bit of everything. i love the ghetto life in East LS; that IS what the game is about. San Fierro was the best place for driving fast cars...crazy stunt bonuses. The desert was amazing, especially Area 69. If you fly around in a hydra with the tank mode cheat, it can be a whole lota fun. Las venturas was ok...but the gambling was cool...(too bad i keep losing) So pretty much every area in SA was fun in it's own rite...you just have to figure out yourself how to create that fun...
  14. i agree there...that mission alone took up 40 mins of my time. also the one wher you had to steal a hydra of the aircraft carrier...it was hard n kinda borin' for me.
  15. I have to agree..'doberman' was nice but boring (as in the cut-scenes)...after that, the game got interesting with all the gangwars. But what is so hard about 'Life's a Beach'??
  16. i'm used to the ps2 version...if you ask me, i'd say the ps2 version is much better. the contro;s are easier...no fear of laggin`...plus, the graphics are great!!
  17. hey...thought i might add a little somethin to pick up from where SA dropped of.. THIS PURELY FAN FICTION. Sweet- Cj, where you goin? CJ- goin check shit out (walks out through the door.in the distance, red and blue lights flask. he can see the overturned fire truck from where he was standin`) tenpenny had it comin to him, he thought. he starts walkin towards the crash site. it had been a crazy ass day. but it was over. he smiles to himself as he approaches the crowd gathered under the bridge. He could hear the people talkin` goddamned corrupt cops never live good he had it comin to him CJ walks away quietly, smilin` to himself.it was definitely overSuddenly, his phone rang...
  18. SA was great...but if there was one thing that you would wanna see improved, what would it be??
  19. those are some seriously SICK rides man!!!! Man!!! My personal fav would be the Bullet, but i love it in red or silver...I also love the blade, after i modify it at the low-rider garage in los santos.
  20. okay...i've tried doin stunts in the game...it's okay. i thought of recordin` my stunts and postin it here or on a web...but i use ps2. Any one can help me???
  21. dude...why don't you go out in the game and find a glitch on your own...do not copy/paste from other sites okay!!!! could somebody back me up here???
  22. good point juggalo...i thought i'd revive this old topic Me..i'd pick carl's. seems more interesting. he owns a garage, car dealership, rc shop an AIRFIELD!!! and has a freakin stake in a casino.. Definitely Carl. I didn't play GTA 3 and Vice City that much, so i don't noe the characters. personally...i did not like gettin shot in the head by catalina ( GTA3)
  23. I am sure most of u already noe this one...but i still find it freakin unfair that whenever any enemy gangs shoot at me...the cops don't do anything!! i mena like....damned. if i shoot bak, i get a star. Matbe rockstar should work on that one...do you you noe any other things that piss you of in the game...pls post here.
  24. I'd say Los Santos....i love the gang areas especially
  25. if you reli love GTA sa...you would post your own stuff and not rip it off other webs... tryin to build a name for yourself by pligarisin...not cool man
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