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Post a picture of your room


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i dont know really when we first moved in the bottom floor was just concrete so my dad built rooms a used tiles as the flooring.But at least their easy to clean. I've had rooms with carpet before and also timber when i was upstairs. The carpet was alot harder to keep clean

Very true. I've split stuff on my floor a lot of times. I placed it down next to this kick ass chair I have(I'll post a pic of it later on) while I was watching TV and after I was done I got up to go onto the computer. After I was done on the computer I got up and was about to walk out of the room and punted it at my entertainment center...sorta forgot about it. It was koolaid and it got every where. I have purple marks all over my floor.

TIP: If you ever spill anything, don't rub it into the carpet, press a wet paper/dish towl up against it. It comes out easier that way and it doesn't spread everywhere. A lot of people rub it in, I say "What the hell are you doing douche?"...*mutters* stupid people.

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Once I get my camera working I can post a few pics of mine. Until then ... I have a drawing of it


A. Window

B. Mine Fridge / Microwave

C. Night Stand

D. Bed

E. Desk (Computers, printer)

F. 2 Dressers

G. Closets

H. Desk 2 (homework)

I. Door

J. Nightstand2

The grayed out area is I'm guessing a steel beam

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