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  1. Thanks to Dustin Holden's updated IMG editor, we can now edit LCS and VCS IMG files. Here are some examples. Want to mod VCS or LCS your self? Here's what you will need Want a list of main characters? Here it is! Model:130 Texture:130 - IG Lance Vance (Pastel Suit) Model:131 Texture:131 - IG Lance Vance (Casual) Model:122 Texture:122 - IG Ricardo Diaz Model:113 Texture:113 - IG Phil Collins 1 Model:140 Texture:140 - IG Phil Collins 2 Model:142 Texture:142 - IG Reni Wassulmaier 1 Model:143 Texture:143 - IG Reni Wassulmaier 2 (After Operation) Model:147 Texture:147 - IG Umberto Robina Model:123 Texture:123 - IG Diego Mendez Model:115 Texture:115 - IG Armando Mendez Model:136 Texture:136 - IG Marty Jay Williams Model:129 Texture:129 - IG Sgt. Jerry Martinez Model:141 Texture:141 - IG Phil Cassidy Model:132 Texture:132 - IG Louise Cassidy 1 Model:647 Texture:648 - IG Louise Cassidy 2 (Work Out) Model:118 Texture:118 - IG Brian Forbes Model:114 Texture:114 - IG Alberto Robina Model:126 Texture:126 - IG Gonzales Model:116 Texture:116 - IG Barry Mickelthwaite IG = In Game CS = Cut Scenes Helpful Information (Helps only if your replacing Victor) (Thanks goes to matt11504 at GTAForums)
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