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    R* was virtually supid in SA, no animals in the farms. Cows, chickens, sheeps, wtf?
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    I would like to take a crack at it. I may be wrong, but here's my guess: Yeah, I know this wasn't funny. I don't care.
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    This thread holds all the rules of the forum. While we try to present ourselves as being a fairly laid back community, there are of course some explicit rules which are here to keep everything friendly and the forums running as smoothly as possible. No Spamming - Pretty obvious, but don't make spam posts outside of the Fun & Games forum. This includes posts of just a few words, or not relating to the topic in any way, posts containing just smilies, or just random nonsense. No Flaming - This includes insulting, racist, sexist or homophobic remarks, and outside of the Warzone forum this is not acceptable. No pornography - We like to keep the forums relatively family friendly. Members found posting links to or any pornographic media will be dealt with accordingly No warez - Discussion about illegally obtaining copyrighted material is strictly forbidden No Multiple Accounts - Unless you have a legit reason for creating another account, you should not be using more than one to post here. Members found using multiple accounts will be disposed of. No Advertising - Do not make topics/posts to advertise your website, or worse, advertise by PM'ing other members. Links in your sig are fine. No impersonation - Impersonating people such as R* employees, or trying to disguise yourself as another member is not allowed. No staff backchatting or ordering - Don't order staff around with orders like "close this topic" or "delete this post please" - The staff already know how to deal with this and will take care of it. Also, if a moderator/admin tells you to, remove your oversized signature, for example, then you must do so, don't argue with them. Staff have authority. You don't. Guidelines Keep on topic - Try to keep on topic at all times, when you go off topic (OT) it makes other people go OT too and then we get a topic full of posts unrelated to the OP's (original poster). Signature And Avatar Rules An avatar is a little picture you can have beneath your user name when you post a message. A signature is a message or picture that will be automatically added onto the end of each post you make Max Signature Size: Width - 500 pixels Height - 200 pixels Size: 100kb Max Avatar Size: Width - 100 pixels Height - 100 pixels Size - 30kb If your signature is larger than the specified you will be notified by a mod and be given 24 hours to change it. If it is still unchaged after 24 hours it will be removed and a message left in place of it. Breaking any of the rules set out here will result in administrative or moderative action being taken on your and/or your posts. Generally your topic will be locked or deleted, and you will be warned for repeated offences. Depending on the severity of offence and habitualness of them, you may receive a suspension or a permanent ban. We reserve the right to remove you from the forums without giving any prior warning. You should of course follow basic 'netiquette' when posting on these forums. i.e. you shouldn't be posting in AIM/MSN speak or whatever. Just type natural English with good spelling and grammar, and remember we are an international forum, so not everyone speaks English as their first language and may have trouble understanding you. If you're new to forums in general, it's probably best you lurk for a while, just to get a feel for how things are done, before you start posting yourself. Using the search feature should be your first action when you're looking for a quick answer to a question you have, or browsing the first few pages of the related subforum. Do this before starting a new topic, as this will make sure we don't get forums full of duplicated topics. A Note About Bumping Topics If you've found a topic in which the posts were all made a long time ago, you should ask yourself this question before replying. Is this topic useful and/or will other members appreciate me bringing this topic back up to the first page? Now if the answer to this is yes, then you're fine so long as your reply is on topic and somewhat meaningful and/or insightful. There's no point bumping a topic and just saying "thanks for the info". If the answer is no, then there porbably isn't much point replying. Bumping old topics which aren't on the first 2 pages of a forum without a worth reply will usually result in the locking of the topic, and/or your post being deleted. You'll be warned for repeat offences. As long as you use a bit of common sense when using these forums you should get on just fine. We want the forum to be clean and fun, so abiding by these rules will help in the continual running of this place. So enjoy the forums and enjoy the community! A more in depth guide for newbie members can be found here in the near future, which explains in more detail about terminology and other important things.
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    Sure, I would fucking love to have a staff member whose username is anus that would be so epic. To become an administrator, simply send an email to me with the following details: First Name Middle Name (if you have one) Last Name Mother's maiden name Your NIN/SSN Credit card number and CC2 Name of your first school Name of your best childhood friend Favourite teacher Favourite colour Pets names Date of Birth The full address of your current house You don't have to give all of them, but the more you give the better your chance of becoming admin. We need all of these details to employ you.
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    Wow that sucks. I'm glad I don't act like a dickhead on the forums, I'd be well upset if I had all those privileges taken away!
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    Ok I will put the mysteries list here: 1.UFO 2.Ghost car 3.Jaws 4.Mass grave 5.Loch ness monster 6.Ghost town figure 7.Mothman 8.Ghost vortex 9.Suicidal photographers 10.Shady Creek creature 11.Weird horn 12.Serial killer (trenchcoat guy) 13.Blue hell 14.The Cult farm 15.Epsilon cultists 16.Glowing grave 17.Scott Wilson's grave 18.Ghost grafitti 19.Mount Chiliad ghost car 20.Mt. Chiliad horror voices? 21.SPAZ guy 22.The cane 23.UFO map 24.Bigfoot? 25.Leatherface? 26.Pigsy? 27.Cris Formage 28.The Truth 29.CJ's Moms ghost 30.The ring girl 31.Vice City maps 32.Open grave 33.TV on grave 34.Cobra MARITAL arts 35.Bio waste well 36.Fort Carson tunnel 37.Phone booth? 38.Not welcome mat If you have pics please post them. If you know more mysteries/myths please post them.
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    MY NAME IS CHRIS AND I HAVE A HABIT OF BANNING PEOPLE FROM INDIA AND PAKISTAN WHO COME HERE AND TYPE EVERYTHING IN CAPS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS REALLY FUCKING ANGRY AT STUFF AND NEED TO SHOUT LOUDLY TO GET THE ATTENTION THEY SO CRAVE. I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KICK THIS BAD HABIT BUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU KEEP COMING BACK. IT'S LIKE AN ADDICTION NOW. YOU FUCKERS Seriously though you guys coming here from these countries need to grow the fuck up and stop acting like dicks. You're giving your people some really bad rep. We have a few decent Indian and Pakistani members here, please follow their example.
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    You win 10 internets and + 3 inches to your e - penis. That's clearly what you're after, so you're welcome to them.
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    I don't think Raybob has a clue what's going on. L-Ric is right - nobody has a "right" to be on this forum. It is provided by Chris for free, and subject to you following the rules. If Chris (or his staff) don't want to let you use the forum or all of its features, then we can do that. You have completely ignored the rules and staff, so you have ignored the terms of your free use of this site. We've even tried to be nice by not banning you (which we could easily and legitimately do), giving you a second chance, and another chance. Yet you STILL complain that you don't have as many features as possible, and you want to Staff to go around cleaning up for you. So you want MORE from us for free whilst you continue to abuse the forum and ignore its staff? That's totally fair. You've run out of chances. You have a grand total of zero remaining. Have a week's suspension. Now either STFU or GTFO.
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    hey guys. im new to the forum. im a signature freak tho u love to make signatures. heres my latest rate it
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    I just quickly read all the posts in this topic unaware of it before, and jesus christ. You people in the restricted group are all pissy for being in it? Then why are you posting here in this topic? That's the last thing I would be doing. Are you so blatantly blind that instead of just accepting it and trying to be a better poster, you just rant about it here? If so, good luck not getting banned.
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    Personally I think il could be Paris, let me explain why. The shape looks a lot like the north-western part of France : Now look at this : This movie, New York I love you, is a sequel to the movie Paris Je t'aime : Look at the rewards, Toronto and Cannes 2006, it looks a lot like 'Official entrant LC Film Festival' :
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    Vice City Stories Gang Guide Leader- The leader of the gang Weapons- The weapons the gang holds when in their turf on foot or in non-mission situations. Mission Weapons- The weapons the gang holds during missions. Turf- The gang’s natural turf. It’s where their vehicles can still be found after their Empires are gone. Initial Empire Turf- It’s where the gang’s Empires can be found in the beginning of the Empire business. Gang members can also be seen outside or near their Empires. Enemies- Gangs that shoot them on sight of have some kind of enemy signs during missions. Gang Vehicle- The vehicle that the gang drives Vance Crime Family Leader: Victor Vance Weapons: Baseball Bat, Pistol, Scorpion, Mac 10, AK-47 Turf: In front of every Empire owned by Vic. Enemies: Bikers, Sharks, Cholos Gang Vehicle: Admiral Comments: This is Victor’s gang. The gang will wield Baseball Bats and Pistols if they are outside Protection Racket, Loan Shark, and Prostitution businesses only. When you’re Empire is set to High-Roller Robbery, Smuggling, or Drugs, then they will have Mac 10s and AK-47s. The division of the gang that has Baseball Bats and Pistols will rarely to occasionally ride Admirals near Empires. The Empires are unlocked after the mission To Victor, The Spoils. Gang Members (Protection Racket, Loan Shark, Prostitution Branch)Gang Members (Drugs, Smuggling, Robbery Branch)Trailer Park Mafia Leader: Marty Williams Weapons: Baseball Bat, Pistol Mission Weapons: Baseball Bat, Machete, Pistol, Micro SMG Turf: Viceport, Little Havana Initial Empire Turf: Viceport (1-3 Empires, Can’t Takeover) Gang Vehicle: Admiral Comments: This gang might hold the record for the least amount of missions in the storyline before getting wiped out. After the mission D.I.V.O.R.I.C.E, the Trailer Park Mafia is finished since Marty is gone. Gang MembersCubans Leader: Umberto Robina Weapons: Fists, Pistol Mission Weapons: Pistol, Micro SMG Turf: Little Havana Enemies: Cholos Gang Vehicle: Cuban Hermes Favorite Radio Station: Espantoso Comments: Another name for the Cubans in Vice City Stories is the Los Cabrones. The name isn’t mentioned during the storyline, but in the multiplayer modes V.I.P. R.I.P. and Empire Takedown, it includes selecting your character to be the Cholos or Los Cabrones. Since the Cubans are allies to Vic and the Vance Crime Family, they are the only gang to last through the storyline that don’t have Empires. The Cubans are strong enemies to the Cholos. No, for those wondering, you can’t recruit the Cubans. Gang MembersGang CarCholos Leader: Unknown Weapons: Baseball Bat, Pistol Mission Weapons: Pistol, Micro SMG Turf: Little Haiti Initial Empire Turf: Little Havana, Little Haiti (4 Empires) Enemies: Cubans, Vance Crime Family Gang Vehicle: Cholo Sabre Favorite Radio Station: Paradise FM Comments: After the mission, Havana Good Time, the Cholos Empires are transferred to the Bikers if you’ve yet to take them over. They might be the Forellis of VCS since they aren’t exactly wiped out since Cholo Sabres can rarely be seen driving around Little Haiti and they can be seen walking around the road leading to the Junkyard and in front of the White Stallionz Bar. Gang MembersGang CarBikers Leader: Mitch Baker (Not Mentioned In Game) Weapons: Pistol, Micro SMG Mission Weapons: Pistol, Scorpion, Micro SMG, AK-47 Turf: Downtown Initial Empire Turf: Downtown, Vice Point (10 Empires) Enemies: Vance Crime Family Gang Vehicle: Biker Angel Favorite Radio Station: VCFL Radio Comments: The Bikers aren’t largely involved in the storyline. They’re only in a few missions. This is really the most annoying gang to deal with when attacking Empires since they spawn more often than Sharks when trying to destroy the Biker Angel outside their Empires. Unlike the Gang Rancher which is a big vehicle, the Biker Angel takes longer to blow up since you have to use manual aim. In the last Brian Forbes mission "Bum Deal" Bikers or a homosexual (gay for everyone else) version of the Bikers were at the White Stallionz bar. I'm not really positive that only the Bikers at that bar were gay or all of them were. The Bikers are the only returning gang from Vice City that didn’t have their leader reappear in Vice City Stories. Gang MembersGang BikeSharks Leader: Unknown Weapons: Pistol, Mac 10, Micro SMG Mission Weapons: Pistol, Mac 10, Micro SMG, MP5, AK-47 Turf: Prawn Island, Vice Point Initial Empire Turf: Vice Point, Washington Beach, Ocean Beach (13 Empires) Enemies: Vance Crime Family Gang Vehicle: Gang Rancher Favorite Radio Station: The Wave 103 Comments: The Sharks basically have no involvement in the storyline, but they are a big pain while taking over Empires. When in the process of taking them over, they come in huge four-door Ranchers and drive-by you like crazy. Be careful while taking over Empires on the east side because the Sharks don’t play. The Sharks primary name in Vice City was the Streetwannabes, but they dress completely different. Gang MembersGang CarMendez Gang/Cartel Leaders: Armando and Diego Mendez Mission Weapons: Micro SMG, AK-47, Rocket Launcher, Laser Sighted Sniper Rifle Turf: None Gang Vehicle: Sentinel XS Comments: The Mendez Gang doesn’t loiter on the streets. The Mendez mansion is located in Prawn Island where two Sentinel XSes are parked. During some of the missions involving the Mendez gang does include them driving in those cars. I wouldn’t consider this a true gang, though. Patrol Invest Group Leader: None Weapons: Fists, Pistol Turf: Various Areas: Vice Point Mall, Escobar International Airport, Starfish Island Gang Vehicle: None Comments: In Vice City, I probably would label this as a gang but in Vice City Stories, it’s a different story. They have no involvement in the storyline unlike Vice City and they really aren’t a gang, but I’m putting them here, anyway. The next gang I’m going to list is again, not a true gang. Gang MemberFort Baxter Military Leader: None Weapons: M4 Turf: Fort Baxter Air Base Gang Vehicle: None Comments: The Fort Baxter Military in Vice City has more gang characteristics since then, there were actually packs of them inside and outside of the air base, but here in Vice City Stories, you only see about groups of 2 or 3 walk around only inside the Air Base. They, again, aren’t labeled as a true gang. They shoot at Victor, when he is not wearing the Army Fatigues outfit. Sometimes, if you fly into the air base, they won’t shoot at you for a while (While not wearing Army Fatigues), then randomly they might have a large pack of them shooting at Victor. When having the Army Fatigues outfit on, the military shoot at Victor only when they are shot at (not when aimed at). Gang MembersGolfers Leader: None Weapons: Golf Club, Pistol Turf: Leaf Links Gang Vehicle: Caddy Comments: This is one of the 3-4 non-true gangs in Vice City Stories. The Golfers aren’t a gang. They just can be a group of 2 to 3 people playing a game of golf. Caddies usually only appear when leaving Leaf Links and going east to Vice Point. The only time they whip out their pistols are when you make Vic shoot one while they’re still on a Caddy, then go to a higher elevation (Like jumping onto a car). Then, they’ll whip out their pistols. It must be for some kind of protection or something. It’s almost like the Diablos do in Liberty City Stories that’s similar to that. Gang MembersGang CarSpecial Thanks: deadmanjeff for reminding me to add the Golfers. Noru for supplying me with the Vance Crime Family, Cuban, and Golfer pics. dwinch for the "Invisible Vic" cheat on cheatsync.net
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    Looks like a dildo. I will use it accordingly.
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    I personally think Raybob should have been IP banned a long time ago and had his computer smashed over something very hard (y'know, like his head) to make sure, but that's just me. Look, he makes a general ass out of himself, insults the staff, abuses every chance he gets, and now he makes this asinine topic declaring he's leaving. But that's not it! After ONE person says he's not that bad a person, he then decides to stay! Not only that, he then adds the addendum that he'll stay if he's taken out of the Restricted group, as if we owe him something. This topic only shows how conceited Raybob is. He's nothing more than prepubescent attention whore who thinks he's entitled to do whatever he wants because he still believes the First Amendment will protect him, despite the fact that this is a privately owned website being operated by some sexy beasts in the UK.
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    So while robbing someone's house, you go use their computer real quick to check your Facebook.... ...interesting priorities.
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    lol steam such a whinger u dont get facebook cos u dont have it. besides its the best way to get pics of girls you like without even asking
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    Thanks Chris - it's good to be back in the hot seat! So as well as the forum upgrade, new skin and a few staff alterations, we also have a few (more relevant) changes. Ownership of Subforums In the past, we have had 'section moderators'. These are staff who get a handful of subforums each which they can moderate, but they can't moderate the rest of the forum (unlike super mods). However, these subforums are usually picked a bit randomly, and quite often the section moderators don't even visit all of their areas. So we're changing this. Starting soon, we will start giving some members a certain level of ownership over a chosen area of the forum. These members will practically run that subforum: picking which topics are pinned, closing dead topics, stopping people bumping old threads, making sure everyone stays relevant and on topic (without spoiling their fun) etc. This is quite different to forum staff, who just go around and clean up other people's mess, because you'll have a big say in how your subforum is run. If you want it to be relaxed and funny, then you can make it like that. If you want it to be really focused and useful for people to find out they information they need quickly, with a really helpful community around that, then you can make it like that. This is a great opportunity for a lot of you to get involved in how this forum is run, so I hope a lot of you will want to get stuck in and put yourselves forward for this! More details of how you can apply will come in a few days. Report-a-Post The reporting system is very useful for members to alert staff when there is a spammer on the forum, or some really serious abuse. However, it could be a lot more useful if members used it for anything staff need to know about, like arguments. So starting today, you can use the "Report" button, below a post, to alert staff to any misbehaviour or breach of the rules, including arguing, spamming, etc. Again, don't use it just because you disagree with someone's opinion, or just because you don't like them. Staff are here to help, so if someone is being a pain in the backside and spoiling the forums, then we can step in and help out. We can help arbitrate arguments and facilitate discussion, we can do more than just ban people. Just ask us to help, that's what we're here for! Rep & Voting The warning/rep system has been overhauled, and I'll do my best to quickly explain the changes. Member Rep has been removed. Instead, you can now vote individual posts up/down. Just close your eyes and think of Digg. This is to be used when you think a post is unusually good, or unusually bad. Vote up someones post if it's really clever, funny, helpful, informative etc. Vote down a post if they are being rude or arguing. You have a maximum of 10 votes per day. This is NOT to be used for voting up someone just because they are your friend; or voting them down just because they disagree with you. Abusing the system will be dealt with, with a formal warning. Warning System In the past, rep and warnings used to cancel each other out. Now rep has been removed, that obviously doesn't happen anymore. Warnings now stand on their own. You do have a warning level, which goes up every time you receive a formal warning. More serious offences will increase your warning level by more than minor offences. But now, this is only used for staff to understand how well you have behaved in the past, and this does not automatically suspend/ban you when you reach a certain level. Staff can suspend or ban a member at any time, if they think the offence is serious enough; or if there are a lot of minor offences. There are a few other changes behind the scenes, but nothing massively important. Just give me a shout if you have any questions.
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    This would be great, I've signed the petition and I'll post on The GTA Place to give it more exposure. Thanks for bringing this to my attention EDIT: Ok it's on the website, hope we get lots of responses
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    This is going to be a huge list of all the secrets and easter eggs found in San Andreas, Hopefully we will get a whole lot of members posting where the secret is and preferably some pictures of it too if possible. I will be posting some pictures later of course, and this will also be going on the main site too. 1 - No easter eggs sign Up on top of Gant Bridge there a sign ironically reading "There are no Easter Eggs up here, go away!" 2. Area 69 A spoof on the real life military base Area 51, supposedly involved with extra-terrestrial lifeforms. It is also heavily guarded like the real life base, and also, shares its name with the sexual position. 3. USS NumNutz The name of a submarine in the San Fierro waters 4. Unmarked Pay and Spray There's a pay n spray in Las Venturas which Rockstar have left in the game however it is not marked on the map for some reason. 5. Hippy Shopper Rockstar having a bash at real life shopping chain 'Happy Shopper' 6. Rockstar Merchandise Go into Zero's RC shop and see Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance and James Earl Cash (from Manhunt). There are also RC version of Hydras, Rhinos and NRG-500s 7. - R.I.P Opposition 1997-2004 Gravestone: At the War Memorial located in San Fierro near the Hippy Shopper, near the top of the war memorial you will see the gravestone that reads ‘R.I.P Opposition 1997-2004’ referring to rival game companies attempting to create better games. 8. World Largest Cock Obviously there's a sexual innuendo here, but it's also relating to the stupid 'world biggest' records people try to achieve. 9. V-Rock Hotel Relating to Vice City's V-Rock station where Lazlow was DJ, and also in real life to the Hard Rock Cafe. 10. Remeniscient Poker Cards The cards on the Video Poker machines in the casinos are pictures of characters from the GTA3 and VC. 11. Self Pleasure Statue If yo go into the Plaza in Los Santos you will notice the statue in the center of the square is pleasuring himself. the other statues around him look on in shock 12. True Grime billboard At Unity Station there is a billboard advertising True Grime, this is relating to the crappy game that was True Crime: Streets of LA 13. North Rock Paying homage to Rockstar North, there is a place in San Andreas called North Rock 14. Jesus Saves There is a wall in Los Santos with a drawing of Mary and Jesus Saves written next to it, this is referring to GTA2 where the building where you saved the game said this Non-Location Specific: 1. Rogue Magazine Seems to be taking a stab at Vogue magazine Note: This list is constantly being updated
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    *Supposed to act casually (not working!)* Yeah, your right about that And about that lowlife thing, I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that well of course they gotta add you. but that's usually no big issue for most. i know them irl anyway so yer. its amazing you see how much people change from yr6 to now lol (im 19 now). its like...dayummm i dun remember you being that hot "we should uhhhh catch up?" LOL.
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    Since the website is hacked we lost all wishesm so we need to start again! So please post ur wishes here. Then I will add them to the website!
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