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    Anyone here still playing GTA Online on PC? If so feel free to add me, MissKokane.
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    Hallo everyone! I'm a creator of new mod "Vice City 2010"! It's continued of VC. In the game all new textures, new districs, new cars, an very much of things, even metro! For project we need scripters and DJs, if here are they, please help us! Mod will be create to end of this summer. Here are the site of project: http://gtavicecity2010.at.ua/ , but I'm afraid, You'll can't see any words. If you have questions, please ask me.
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    I have a similiar mod like yours, but almost everything is changed in my Vice. There are scripts, mods, graphics, cars, animations, weapons, audio, all new radio stations! City is changed too and retextured a bit. It's a mixture of NFS and FNF with GTA Gameplay. I can help you with your mod if you give me few things from yours like timecyc and particle.txd, plant mods and an airplane. In return, I'll give you 3 of my radio stations, you can choose which one you like And help you with modding your GTA,ofc More detailed at: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/25130-gta-vice-city-2007-tc/ http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=448840
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    How it all began... It all started at year 2007. I was just surfing through Vice data folder and found all this strange files... Run into carcols.dat and tried to open it via Notepad. And boy, was I happy! It made all sense, there were lines for an every car in the game, and next besides to them were bunch of numbers which I later have figured out that they were representing the colors for each car! I was thrilled I could make any car any color I'de like! Then came the enthusiasm which pushed me over the boundaries to try changing EVERYTHING what I want! Handling, wheels, textures, objects, city, audio, text.. There were NO LIMITS! Every day I was a step closer to make my dream game- a game which has a gameplay of a GTA, cars from Fast&Furious movies and NFS games, blasting music and crystal graphics!! Years were passing, while I slowly built my expansion. Possibilities were not so endless as I would like them to be, but with that what I got and with knowledge I collected myself, I think I made quite good and fun Total Conversion which I DO WANT to share with as many people I can! Thank you for your attention "What's in it for me?" Okay, the presentation part is very complex and would take a while to finish it. Let's start from the obvious, ok? -ENB Graphics Engine (Boris Vorontsov as the author, settings by me) It gives a game a masterpiece 'face-liftup' Thanks again Boris! See few examples of my: Bloom Bloor Occlusion Real Time Reflections Some more screenshots: *I will continue with the presentation soon, starting with graphics changes and describing vehicles and new codes. Until then,
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    Well, this happened a lot of time with me too. I added one car at each garage, went to it and it crashed. This never happened to me on GTA VC on GTA III.
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