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  1. I Will Start Sharing My Videos in twos to reduce spam on the boards. VIDEO TUTORIAL: In this video I show off a free vehicle that many do not know that is immune to bullets (Bullets cannot kill you if you are inside this vehicle) I also show a secret location within Los Santos that you can go inside and shoot cops through but they cannot shoot you! I hope this helps and you all enjoy! Text Tutorial for Getting Invincible Truck: Get 3-5 Stars then it should be somewhere on the streets near blockade‚Äč VIDEO TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjuYAg5IhKU&list=UUZ_oSd5aOcYdxaOF18bFAPQ In this tutorial I teach you all how to easily shoot inside your own garage in GTA V Online! I hope you enjoy and trick many of your clueless friends with this exploit. Tell me how you like it and if you have any trouble ask me, so I can help.
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