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  1. Nah the black ones a imigration authority one, or something like that. The one I'm looking for is white with LCPD on the side in blue
  2. it's on your mobile phone. When playing just press up on the D pad
  3. WTF??? the link shows some stupid vid of some kid in a parking lot?
  4. Has anyone found the LCPD Police helicopter yet, and if so where is it??, i'm not talking about the large black one.
  5. sparky

    not working?

    I've managed to play all day today in the South of England. However I couldn't connect yesterday....
  6. I'm gonna get any car and run down the hell out of the yoga people in the park..... that'll teach them to exercise
  7. Looks like there will be different officers. Prove me wrong but i'm sure in the 1st trailer as it pans left to right on the main street you can see a fat cop walking from right to left?? Has anyone else seen this? There's also a pic of a cop in his car, he's white and looks thin, then theres also some artwork from one of the magazines. That shows a thin black cop. Let me know if i'm correct
  8. A few more ideas. - You'll be able to put your roof up and down on convertible, cars. - The truck which you carry cars on actually works (not like SA where they fall off as soon as you move) - Microlight aircraft - If you kill someone the Police shut the street off and tape off the area (same with fires) - When someone gets shot, paramedics don't just bring them back to life by magic. They stretcher them off into the ambulance (then you can run that down too) - Full on Police chases (10-20 cops following you) - News chopper films you and you see the footage on time sq (or similar) the same day - A 3D map which you can rotate around to see tings better - Cars that break down (exhaust falls off etc) - If you hit a lamppost it recks your car (you cant just drive over it) Thats it for now
  9. I wonder if some of the old cars return but this time they looked all rusty and dented etc... then that would be realistic because of the time difference
  10. Yeah as I was saying.. nothing to change the game massively but just a little something to keep us long time gamers interested. And -Silberio Da Great-, I used to play Red Alert 2 online, and i'm sure i've used this name before?!?
  11. Yey....... no more magic tress that appear before your eyes. Yeah as you said i'm sure it will be better with the PS3/360.
  12. Well Ok then..... how about a much greater draw distance. I was so fed up with driving along the highway in SA and all of a sudden 10 cars appear from no-where. I think someone has already mentioned this... but if you leave a car anywhere on the map it stays there until a towtruck comes to get it and puts it in a car lot. That way if you spend lots of money doing the car up you can always get it back (for a fee of course). How about if you steal a car with an alarm in it, it also has a tracker which alerts Police, and if you smash in to something Peds call the Police/Ambulance/Fire from their mobiles and within minutes the road is shut off. I want to see proper gore when you hit people. Bits flying off like arms and legs, perhaps the Ped dents your bonnet when you hit them and leaves a blood trail.... or am I getting carried away now?!? Either way I want this game to keep me amused long after I complete the main story line. Oh and get rid of that stupid eating thing....what is the point... however looking at the trailer it looks like it's here to stay
  13. My God............... If this was 1985 then I wouldn't be suprised
  14. Dont know if anyone has mentioned or shown this before, but who needs planes when you've got a cablecar
  15. Hi all, Phew after reading all the posts under this heading I dont think anyone has mentioned this yet I would like to see the city change the longer you play. So like after playing for 100 days new buildings appeared, cause I was so feed up with seeing half finished shops in SA. That way the game would always change and no-ones maps would be the same (unless they played for the same amount of time). Also companies bring out new cars, posters around the city would change giving the launch dates of when you can get them. Then you could wait until they're launched and steal them off some poor ped who just just got one. The comments about speedo's in cars??? Why?? GTA has never had it so why bring it in now Better damage on the vehicles, and better MODS - PIMP MY RIDE GTA STYLE More to come...
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