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  1. Got booted from a session the other night for being a "Bad Sport"...Bad Sport..? Are you serious..? Some guy runs over me in an attempt to kill me but he fails...so I unload on him with my MG and his car blows up...I get booted from the session...doesn't seem quite right that I get booted and a black mark for defending myself...
  2. Not gonna lie...I took advantage of the original car selling glitch and racked up enough cash to buy a lot of the expensive stuff (a little over 11 million)...I'm glad that I did because so many others stashed way more than that...I can't even imagine trying to get by on what they give you for legitimate earnings in the game...I know they want to sell game cash at PS Store but it's not enough cash for the prices of everything...you can make good money racing with your friends but it gets boring really fast...I'm still looking for play partners on PSN my id is "marlintinis"....add me and I'll help you out...I'm level 70 and have a Rhino and a Buzzard
  3. The only thing that really bothers me about GTAO is that it is almost impossible to make legit money to buy the cars / tanks / helicopters...I personally don't have much to worry about because I used the car selling glitch to score a ton of money before the updates...however, my friend was unfortunate enough to start playing the very day Rockstar added the 1.0.6 patch and has struggled for money even with me duplicating my cars for him to sell... The missions seemed weak at first but have gotten better as my level has gone up...
  4. Well...I finally went out and got a headset...and a keypad for my ps3...I know now that I'm seen in GTAO as "marlintinis"...I'm only level 25 but I'm an old veteran of GTA (very old)...So if you are online and wanna look me up you can send a friend request to me on PSN and mention the GTA place and I'l gladly welcome new friends to play with...still looking for the right "crew" also...
  5. The stimulus pack was a drop in the bucket for me...I have used the car selling exploit to scam up over 10 million bucks...
  6. I stole the 2 Mesa Grande Offroads from the mission "A Titan Of A Job" (where you steal the Meriweather Titan)...I noticed last night that both of those Mesa Grande Offroads seem to be "damageproof"...I drove around slamming cars head on for about and hour and never so much as a broken headlight...
  7. I will be needing a crew...I just want to make a good choice...I have no local friends who play gta online so making my own crew is out and I have no ps network friends who are playing gta so I'm screwed that way...so I need to meet some people who were previously strangers to me and become their friends...if you guys are up for that let me know...in game my name is "AXISIAN" on ps network it is "marlintinis"....I live east coast USA and stay up all night usually...
  8. the-axis

    First car?

    In "GTA online" my first car was a Dominator...I plan to keep it because it has the free upgrades on it...
  9. For like the first time ever I can play a game online on my ps3...my internet connection is usually too weak...anyway...I got onto the game last night for the first time...robbed enough stores to buy the cheapest garage I could find...I'm totally new to online gaming and don'y have a microphone but if anyone wants to help me out with some of the missions you can become friends with "marlintinis" on psn or look for "AXISIAN" in GTA online...however it works...thanks
  10. the-axis

    Fun Ride

    Ok...just for fun I got Michael and Trevor together and refused the chance to hang out using Michael. I had just gotten out of his car at the time. I switched to Trevor and tried to steal Michael's car but he got in on the drivers side at the same time. So...with both of us in the car "not hanging out" Michael takes off driving like a madman and yelling at Trevor. I'm still controlling Trevor so I start tossing grenades and stirring up trouble...now the cops are chasing us and Michael is driving super crazy and I get to just shoot and toss explosives...It was a lot of fun...we never got caught and I got the wanted level up to 4 stars and got to go for a "fun ride" for about 15 minutes before I got called away and had to shut down the game...Has anyone else tried this..?
  11. I do miss the time when I first discovered GTA...I played Vice City briefly at a friends house...had never used a playstation controller let alone a ps2...the number of buttons was overwhelming for me (heck, I had a hard time using all the buttons on my old sega genesis)...but after playing Vice City for about an hour I realized that I "needed" to have it so I went out and bought a ps2 and Vice City...then I got GTA3 because so many people told me how much they loved it...I loved both games and played them through multiple times ...even wrote a guide on how to collect rare and unique vehicles from both games (mission sensitive cars with special attributes...some just in color)...my fondest memory was finally beating Hilary in the Malibu missions race...took me 2 nights and i don't even know how many tries...he'd always pass me right before that last bridge and then I'd drive reckless and crash...I recently bought both of those games on my android but the controls are hard to use...I need a bluetooth controller for my android...
  12. Ashley does. She leaves a post on Trevor's LifeInvader page (of all places) stating that he would pay for killing Johnny. I never looked at life invader...is Ashley the chick from that same scene..? Because in my game I put a bullet in her head too while she was bent over Johnny's body...lol...I can't resist...it's a violent game so I kill pretty much everyone I can...
  13. I really don't like this soundtrack very much...I mean, there ARE good songs BUT, considering how many songs there are I would expect the ratio of "good songs to bad" to be higher... All that said...I like Gin n Juice by Snoop, Big Log by R. Plant, Rain by Cult, Photograph by Def L...(I sense a pattern here...lotta liberty rock)...I do like the pop station for long drives...and the country station when I'm just poking around checking places for hidden things...west coast classics when in the city...other than that I don't listen to the other stations...The radio hosts were better on previous GTAs also...(the best being Vice City...they put a lot of effort into the radio on that one).
  14. Thanks Laurie...I didn't know about the Cletus glitch...wish I had left that one unfinished...I do plan on playing through again but I figured I'd get some experience stealing the "hard to get" stuff first... In previous GTA versions I was always a collector of unique and rare vehicles...also vehicles that become unavailable after a certain point (like Romans taxi in GTA 4)...I haven't found many of these in this game...I can't seem to find a thread on rare vehicles for GTA 5 anywhere...If anyone knows of a collectors list or guide I'd love to hear about it...
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