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  1. Syamil


    Flying FCR-900
  2. Syamil

    Favourite 4-Door Vehicle

    Sentinel XS is the
  3. Syamil


    City is the
  4. Syamil

    What will it be called?

    I think it's gonna name Grand Theft Auto : Malaysia
  5. Syamil


    What LowRider do you like best ? Here's mine 1st: Slamvan 2nd: Remington 3rd: Blade
  6. Syamil

    Favorite "Killing Cops" spot

    In Police HeadQuaters & Tallest Building in Los Santos
  7. Syamil

    Best 6 star getaway car

    Bullet i like getaway car best
  8. Syamil

    Prefered Casino

    The Four Dragon Casino i like best
  9. Syamil

    Favorite Radio Station(s)

    Mine Radio X
  10. Syamil

    Favourite Landmark

    Four Dragon Casino
  11. Syamil

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    1st: Los Santos 2nd: Las Venturas 3rd: San Fierro
  12. Syamil

    Least Favourite Mission

    End Of The Line Cause it has 3 part I didn't like ZERO'S mission cause it is The Hardest Mission Ever
  13. Syamil

    Favourite Law Enforcement Vehicle

    FBI Rancher, Because it looks like Rancher XL (FBI Rancher But Not FBI one)
  14. Syamil

    favorite weapon

    Melee Weapons 1st: Katana 2nd: Chainsaw 3rd: Knife Handguns 1st: Desert Eagle 2nd: 9mm 3rd: Silenced 9mm Submachine Guns 1st: Micro Uzi 2nd: Tec9 3rd: MP5 Shotguns 1st: Sawn-Off Shotgun 2nd: Shotgun 3rd: Combat Shotgun Assault Rifles 1st: AK-47 2nd: M4 Long Rifles 1st: Rifle 2nd: Sniper Rifle Thrown Weapons 1st: Molotov Cock Tails 2nd: Tear Gas 3rd: Grenade 4th: Satchel Charger Heavy Artillery 1st: Vulcan Mini Gun 2nd: Flame Thrower 3rd: Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher 4th: Rocket Launcher