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  1. Im pretty sure helicopters will be able to go pretty high, we know u can climb ladder/telegraph poles/fire escapes and all that, and its been hinted that we may be able to use elevators in buildings as houser has put alot of emphasis on the fact that the games size incorporates land mass aswell as verticality of buildings
  2. I think versions of all the previous motorbikes and maybe a chopper style bike with flame decals or something on it
  3. I dont know what im doing yet, theres not yet a release date for australia, and i dont yet have a PS3 i just plan on picking up a PS3 and GTAIV at the same time possibly on release date.
  4. yeah ive sort of got a bit of an idea, im sorta just gona have a stab tho. for your more rocky sorta feel you could maybe go with Darkest Of Kin or Everyone Needs A Hasting by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, its got a bit of a southern rock/metal sound to it. Have u thought of maybe some hip hop or something?
  5. haha no dont use this,horrible song and band. what sort of sound u looking for man? then we can sorta have an idea of what to look into
  6. Theres cod 2 and also a quake 4 patch for dual core. and i think this thread is pretty stupid, no one knows what sort of system will run GTAIV, all this thread is doing is letting ppl have their say then have it shot down by someone else who thinks they know better. Maybe we should all just wait and see what the requirements are once the game is actually released.
  7. or throwing them off and have them crash onto the roof of a car. im liking the thought of doing this the more i think about it.
  8. Yeah, but as stated, the ban could've been lifted. And try EVERY game since GTA III, with the exception of Advance, which doesn't count anyways being as it wasn't part of the "3D" series. I dont think bikes will make a return. and what is this ban thats been mentioned??
  9. you could start by posting your dxdiag so we can see if your pc is up to spec.
  10. yes apparently this is true, I just hope u can go back down to street level and look at the mess you've made.
  11. All you guys talking about the fact that the 360 will be better cos of download able content. there has been talk that the ps3 will also have a form of download able content.
  12. yes but u guys are talking about having $9999999 saved up and nothing to do with it, i think if there is real estate in GTAIV and u do get a substantial income i dont think upping the price of real estate would be such a bad idea.
  13. nope ive got this one aswell, ive scanned the map countless times and wherever it is its not showing up. thanks anyway man.
  14. yes this is true, apparently the 360 has encountered more problems with GTAIV than the ps3 but both consoles have their own set of pros and cons so i spose its up to what console ur a fan of, or wait and see what version comes out on top at time of release.
  15. Havent read entire thread so it may of been mentioned, but from memory i think the most expensive place you could by in SA was $100 000. If real estate was more realistically priced say 5mil for a mansion rather than $100 000 your money would be put to better use, i mean at first itd be a challenge to come up with the money but you would actually feel like u deserve the mansion once u save the 5mil and buy it.
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