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  1. zege7

    What's your favorite weapon

    Note not in options. MINIGUN!
  2. zege7

    Little annoying bugs...

    Reinstall =D
  3. Is it possible to play GTA:SA without the CD? Cuz' i borroved my friends GTA:SA and he wants it back soon... And it wont let me play without the CD(I don't want to download game, just a way to play it without CD)!
  4. zege7


    same problem here but i only need the virgo model from gta3.img!
  5. mine is cj's saying(does the pope s&*t in the woods) or (does the polar bear s&*t in the woods)
  6. zege7

    Favorite Radio Station(s)

    radio off beacause my radios wont work they just make my game laggy how do i kill the radios?!?!??!
  7. zege7

    how to enter AT-400

    spawn a tank (aiwprton is code in pc) drive it next to the at-400's huge door jump on the tank go next to the door and press the enter vehicle button hope it helped
  8. wtf is this thing`??

  9. where can i get a savegame on mission learning to fly(my game crashes when im on half of the other mission before that) please dont suggest gtasavegames.com it dosent work for me
  10. where can i get a cop uniform is it in game if yes , where? if downloadable link please (the uniform for my CJ please)
  11. zege7

    black boxville

    where can i find an black boxville so i can go steal stuff ?
  12. zege7

    i need help...

    NVM LOCK PLEASE I GOT BACKUPS FROM FUNGT'S SITE http://fungt.gta-series.com/zbu/bksa.php YAY! EDIT:yay 10'th post
  13. zege7

    i need help...

    im not gonna buy from the internet didint you see that?