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  1. The Admin with no name....

    DUN NUN.

  2. Wellz, who is this guy? Matt Mecham?

  3. Well, he can do anything.

    From removing name change history's to deactivate comments or friends system only for a person..

    Which is scary :P

  4. Every IPB forum comes with an Admin account, but Chris didn't want the name change to show up on his display name history so he created a new account. Looking at old posts, it seems that Chris went by the pseudonym of Pyr0xide, which he later changed. But something that bugs me is, how did he get the name change of Pyr0xide to disappear from his display name change history.

  5. this was test account, lol.

    Hi Webmaster, er webninja,

  6. I'm also from "Inside The Server...", I tihnk.

  7. You like San Andreas? Cool beans :o

    I forgot, you aren't human! *sinister laugh*

  8. You speak english,no?

    I`m just messing with you.Wassup,homie?

  9. lol thats hella funny hunter88888.

    i bet if you give this account a 1 star, your account is deleted lol..(i gave it 5 star lol)

  10. Administrator is awesome cuz he never says anything just like Claude from GTA III.

  11. Hai thar.


    How Random...

  12. It's the root account. It's automatically set up when you start a IPB forum.

  13. or maybe its Chris's old account?

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