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  1. tjg50311

    Grand Theft Auto IV out now in stores!

    Woo Hoo! Now the forums need an update, like in your profile where it asks your favorite GTA, IV needs to be added.
  2. tjg50311

    Demo At E3

    I thought it was because there was no where to fly too, it's just one city.
  3. tjg50311

    Star Junction

    Or the streets make a shape of a star...
  4. tjg50311

    PlayStation 3 Exclusive Content As Well?

    Good News! This was also confirmed by one of the 1UP guys on there podcast a few weeks back that there will be exclusive content.
  5. tjg50311

    What if...

    Hehe, riots and protests outside R* and R* North. Molotov cocktails fly through the air.
  6. tjg50311

    the wanted system

    Yea, we have to remember this isn't the Sims.
  7. tjg50311

    Lookin' for that special someone...

    Reminds me of Jack Bauer in the show 24.
  8. tjg50311

    gta4 trailer #3?

    I heard 23rd of july, but that's a bit early. They all came out on the 28th of the month so maybe Spet 28th.
  9. tjg50311

    Grand Theft Auto IV Factsheet

    If this is a stickie, it must be important, so why hasn't it been updated for over 6 months?
  10. tjg50311


    What do you mean by "get bigger" like fatter or taller?
  11. tjg50311

    real life in gta iv

    I like your ideas about Gas and the bank, havn't heard these before.
  12. Well you know what they say, out with the old, in with the new.
  13. tjg50311

    on ps3 wich hd resulution will it be in

    And if it doesn't i'm going to be laughing at you because your sig doesn't make since then, unless you don't want to play GTA.
  14. tjg50311


    Haha, public hangings by the Police...