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  1. Well, if someone can get the scans, im a pretty good german speaker, so i could translate for u guys Just send me a message or sumthin if anyone wants a translation.
  2. Correct me if im wrong but i believe that i read somewhere that working out and stuff wouldnt be in there because of the perfection that they have created in making Niko look eastern european. I think it was on yahoo, there was an interview with Houser. I maybe just getting this totally wrong but im sure i did read it.
  3. About the whole ' Bombing subway trains ' there mite b some controversy created in england cos of 7/7 and everything. Jus suggesting that may be an issue, cos the english government will pick up on that...
  4. oh ive seen that. That was quite an interesting read.
  5. yeh, i totally agree with you guys. Some of the new effects r looking awesome, just hope there are more effects with damage to the body of the car.
  6. yeh i like the whole hitman stylee idea. Would add an interesting twist too the game.
  7. Yeh, Alistair i agree. Think people may be gettin slightly carried away hehe Anywayz, would be nice to see some very detailed coastlines and better effects when your shot in water.
  8. good spots guys Nice to see they carryin on the gta classics
  9. wow, i've never heard of that whole hot coffee incident. I always get worried about the release of 18 rated games, cos i dont agree with the english government and they will do something with gtaIV just to piss me off
  10. Yeh definetly. Too much storyline , not enough gameplay and besides all this debating is killing me, i cant wait until october!!
  11. lol, yeh that was funny (maybe going slightly off topic here) i think they should employ the same targeting system as saints row; dont have one. I think the whole manuel targeting thing really works. I would love to see more detail with the reactions of peds being shot and blood, bullet wounds etc. All adds to the realism of the game. Nice to see they have made the detail on shooting cars a lot better, in the trailer with the shooting out the tires and bullet holes across the windscreen. Looks wicked Some nice thoughts there wolfman...
  12. Nah, i think you are pretty much up to date Cant wait for some new info, its killin me ....
  13. Hey all Looking forward to some amazing discussions before gta4 comes out....
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