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    I called 911 a long time ago...
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    I just like video games...<br /><br /><br />Sky is my hero! <3
  1. Im back so, sign on

  2. Whats with you & my avatar?


  3. Haha.

    Yeah, me too.

  4. The chick in your avatar kinda reminds me of you, haha.

  5. hah, I just noticed I missed you by an hour. damnyoutimeszones.

  6. So I've been to school and back and you probably aren't even up. So lazy, haha. (:


  7. Why am I so naturally pale?

  8. Where are you? geez.

  9. Come cheer me up and make me not beat the living hell out of a dog.

  10. oh, and do you remember that mexican I said kind of reminded me of you? Which, she doesn't really now. But like, I was bored so I tried talking to her. And well, um. She doesn't speak english. Or just doesn't cuz I'm white. hahah

  11. Okay, okay. Maybe you aren't so lame... but you are quite sweet though ^_^ for a dirty jew girl..

  12. And I just realized you called me lame...what? Im so not lame.

    ... dirty jew boy...

  13. You better be goin' to school and learnin that edumucation! :P