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  1. Whats with you & my avatar?


  2. Why am I so naturally pale?

  3. And I just realized you called me lame...what? Im so not lame.

    ... dirty jew boy...

  4. So yeah, I stayed home. Im bored so hurry up and get on. ;)

  5. Mrs.Vercetti

    Unwanted GTA IV Features

    I never said there were any, but there are sharks and dolphins in GTA. I was simply saying that I don't want them added. I wouldn't want any animals included in the game, really.
  6. You better really mean it. Like I really -oppositeofhate- you. <3

  7. Well Im sorry, I didn't see you on when I was here so I figured you went to sleep. Then you message me like one minut later and I had already left. Now Im sad.

  8. Don't ever leave me like that again, jerk. haha <3 ;)

  9. Mrs.Vercetti


    I agree. Though, I would like the NASCAR type racing kinda like in VC. The racing inside the Hyman Stadium was one of my favorite things to do.
  10. Mrs.Vercetti

    What song reminds you the most about vice city ?

    Summer Madness - Kool & The Gang, it reminds me of speeding down Ocean Drive. Its perfect because it doesn't have any lyrics.
  11. Mrs.Vercetti

    The Random Post Topic

    I'm not sure I want to know......what?
  12. Mrs.Vercetti

    Unwanted GTA IV Features

    I liked it also, it was just too time consuming and the rewards you unlocked weren't really worth it. What you can unlock with girlfriends in IV I'm hoping are alot better. I also hope they don't include shark attacks, I hate that. How often do shark attacks actually happen anyways?
  13. If I become a creamsicle what are you gonna be?

  14. Mrs.Vercetti

    The Random Post Topic

    Hmm What drink would you have with that? I'm thinking milk but, not sure.
  15. Mrs.Vercetti

    The Random Post Topic

    With whipped-cream!?
  16. Mrs.Vercetti

    Unwanted GTA IV Features

    I think it depends on the story line because in GTA3 you were a criminal on the loose so thats why they were hidden. Tommy and the rest of the main characters weren't on the run from the law.
  17. Your God- My God? Like, "MY GOD HES SEXY!?"

  18. Same.

    Nothing new on here, right?

  19. Glad to know I interest you so much. <3

  20. Mrs.Vercetti

    The Random Post Topic

    Yeah, those dogs are pretty.
  21. Mrs.Vercetti

    The Random Post Topic

    It's The Cure Just Like Heaven. I got just that part stuck in my brain.
  22. Mrs.Vercetti

    The Random Post Topic

    You Soft and only You Lost and lonely You Just like heaven