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  1. make me a sig if i like it i will give you 1400
  2. make a good one an d get $800
  3. mine are the cheata reminton and the windsor
  4. there is a task in ferrio on the nrg500 plus the nrg is made from the fcr500 i think
  5. hey i will take a couple of them what car can you find at the big ear ant what happend at the end to teenpenny it says on wctr news
  6. its at the bank part its says send moneynext question how did i know it was because i have finshed every gta about 20 times i mite even start a help topic on sa sorry bout the double post
  7. heres a bit of mine gently caress you couse you run around like you own the block gently caress you im still working on it
  8. what to send money its at the gta shop were it says bank it will also say send money and how did i know it i have finished the game 12 times
  9. yeah i need a good sig im offering $800 for my faveriote and $25 for an attempt
  10. like the cheata in the usershops or in the gta shop i think we need some more cars
  11. yeah i know what one youre talking about i seen him running around in an ad for the game they say hes in the game
  12. i think it was 19 or 18 you can send points in the bank area were it says send points or dollors
  13. its just not true face it youre wrong were wright and to prove you all wrong the UFO is a light on a hill near bayside now because you are wrong
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