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  1. If anyone cares I am no longer using this account.

  2. Basically, post whatever screenshots you've taken in a game and show them. Any game and any platform goes, just as long as it has something to do with gaming It could be some weird glitch, something you find beautiful/pretty or something completely different I'll get the thread going
  3. Flying Dragon is not a good fighting game.
  4. Actually playing and enjoying Super Mario All-Star.
  5. One of the greatest artists of our time has passed away and will be greatly missed.
  6. GTA V is leagues above Saints Row IV. It would have been a different story if SR was actually fun like it used to be. SR2 was the best one.
  7. I've been waiting for this game to get the PS4, I was really hoping for a PS4 Uncharted theme console/bundle. I am sure they will have something like that, but either way, I have a set date I will be getting a PS4 and this awesome game.
  8. That would be nice. I'm just looking for GTA V signatures.
  9. Sad news of his passing, especially at his young age. May he rest in peace now, and may the family, friends and everybody keep good memories of him.
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