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  1. I only had a problem with Air Raid.
  2. I heard they killed off Tommy Vercetti because the dude that played him jokingly said ''If I'd known VC was gonna be so huge I should've demanded more money''
  3. A daily Newspaper that tells you whats going on in cities and stuff, like if you have a mission where you have to kill someone.... a crime boss, itll be in the newspaper with a headline
  4. who knows A good HD TV I can get for the best of my Xbox 360? can be any price range.
  5. take this shit to warzone........... before I go off
  6. I Beat it in early 2005 and I dont remember nothing about it, but the misson I had trouble with and a little bit of the ending
  7. you should see random peds mowing their lawns, people trimming their hedges, and a daily newspaper that a paper boy throws on your driveway. You should be able to read the paper and see Big crime bosses faces that you have previously Murdered in a mission. Maybe you can run for president and Corupt Congress with Drugs and other stuff etc.......... When you own businesses, like a car lot you should see people coming in daily looking for parts and stuff for their ride
  8. the game was alright, I still beat it though
  9. The most boring place is the countryside, I currently live in LV, but I go back to los Santos to pick up a couple of Homies in a bus and I go on a road trip taking pictures and stuff
  10. Im going for the Bears all the way!
  11. im getting it for both, but not at the same time..............
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