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  1. granted, america has some pretty big problems, but its a paradise compared to places like colombia, iraq, afganistan ect. anyway what i meant about scotland, for its small size and the fact that its a developed country, its an incredibly rough place. it has a very high assault rate, high murder rate, high organised crime rate and a lot of poverty.
  2. Scotland. a suprisingly violent country, beleive it or not
  3. I'm pretty sure asteroids are the big ones followed by comets and meteors. In 2012 there isn't going to be an asteroid that's going to hit us...it's supposedly going to be a huge planet almost the size of Jupiter, but solid mass. (I don't really believe that though) an asteroid the size of jupiter?? i dont think so. jupiter is like 600 time bigger than the earth. if an asteroid was that big it would be classed as a planet
  4. i hate pro footballers, they get paid more than they deserve. they earn like a £1000,000 in a single month for (in all honesty) doing abosoutly nothing but kicking a ball around. But doctors, firemen and coppers ect people that are acctually doing something usefull and saving lives, will probably never earn anywhere near that much money in their whole lives. footballers wouldnt get a penny if i was in charge of the country. thats the fucked up economy for you
  5. ok this i kind of a random post. but anyway, when england lost to croatia, shit really kicked off in my town (which is full of hardcore football fans). in one night, 3 pubs got completely trashed, a gang of thugs wandered around the streets beating the crap out of anyone they saw, and random drunken fights were breaking out everywere. it was pretty insane. football hooliganism seems to be a pretty big problem in the UK, and it got me thinking about weather it happens in other countries. i really dont know much about it, so im hoping some people can shead some light on the subject. so yeah, does football hooliganismm happen in your country? and anyone else from england, did you get any trouble in your town?
  6. yep, i know how you feel, we got redneck type people here in england too. Essex people. most of them are poor, drive pickups or 4x4s, always drunk and agressive, loads of them live in caravans and yes they enjoy shooting things. the thing that pisses me of is these scumbags are spilling over into my county of Kent, which was once a respectable place, but not anymore
  7. just thought it would be interesting to know what other members heritage is. anyway, i am half english, quarter welsh and a bit of italian, my grandad was half italian.
  8. i have heard south africa is pretty dangerous in the cities, lots of murder, rape and robbery.
  9. i didnt see the start of the series, but i started watching half way through, and im really geting into it. does anyone know if there will be a second series?
  10. i never really thought about it, but yeah the UK is acctually pretty dangerous in places. two days ago my mate was attacked for no reason by someone with a knife. he was slashed across the chest, but hes ok though. but it really open my eyes to what britain is really like. well i have been looking on the internet, and i found out that the UK has a higher violent crime rate than the whole of the USA, and when you think how much smaller the UK is, its just staggering. and the murder rate is getting higher too, even kids as young as ten have been involed in murders. its just crazy
  11. i know every country has its dangers, but it got me thinking, which country is the most dangerous? i would say iraq, but things seem to have calmed down there at the moment. so im thinking colombia, apparently it has the highest murder rate in the world. and i know some of the countries in africa are pretty rough too. what do you guys think?
  12. if your were in charge of GTA, what would be your ideal game, what city would you set it in, what your story line be? ect, i wanna see some interesting ideas here. on topic: i would set my GTA game in a city based in florida somewere. the city is pretty diverse, it has its run down slums, but it also has its upmarket and tourist areas too, similar to vice city, but much bigger. my character is Sean Baxter a poor young man living on a small trailer park in a rough area of the city. at first he just commits petty crimes to make money, but after a run in with a powefull central american drug cartel, he is forced to build up an empire to survive, and eventaully defeat the gang leader. i have more ideas, so watch this space
  13. i really dont like street gangs, its just pointless, no one really is in them to make money, they are usualy just dumb youths that want to look hard. and what the hell is the point in fighting over turf? there nothing to gain from it but pointless bloodshed. and i hate they way they terrorise innocent people for wearing the wrong clothes, or being in the wrong place. no street gang members would get any respect from me, and if they dont like that, i dont give a fuck. now organised crime gangs, they are different, these guys are the real tough ones, they dont care about looking cool, or showing off, its all about money and power. im not condoning what they do in any way, but if i had to be in a gang, i would go for the organised ones.
  14. being born, going to school, getting a job, retire, get put in a nursing home, then death. the same routine for nearly every single human being on the planet. why? who decided that? well i am going to break away from the herd of sheep, i am going to drop out of school, and do something different. ill just go around different countries, seeing all the great sights of the world, eating food from nature, dont need any money to get anywere cos ill walk everywere, or hitch rides on the back of lorries no, i am deadly serious, i am acctually going to do this. why should we have to live life as one long routine? what is the point in learning all that shit at school, or earning money, when you know you are going to die in the end? the meaning of life is do whatever the fuck you want.
  15. colombian cartel, they have got to be one of the toughest, most dangerous gangs in the gta series
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