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  1. Happy birthday dude.

  2. [WIP|VC] Vice City Paradise

    wow, this looks awesome, man. btw how in gods name did you get the sky that lovely orange color? i have never been able to find the textures for the sky anywere. can you tell me were they are??? it would be a huge help
  3. Vice City Stories Gang Guide

    i fail to see what that has to do with the topic. and who cares what the name of the gun is. on [email protected] i like the guide, but it needs more screenshots
  4. the most dangerous country in the world?

    i hate it when people say america is dangerous, because it really isnt. of course there are some bad areas in the cities, but a little something called "common sense" will keep you out of danger. you go somewere like haiti or somalia where you cant even go into your own backyard without the risk of being killed and you will see just how safe america really is.
  5. which computer should i get?

    ok, so my parents said they would buy me a new computer for christmas, and i am trying to decide weather to get a MAC or PC. can anyone point me in the right direction? help will be appreciated
  6. your ideal GTA game

    i would have mine set in detroit, it would be an accurate size to the real thing. or possibly somewere in europe, but id rather have a gta in america, our cars are so much better.
  7. The Random Post Topic

    my ass is really itchy for some obscure reason
  8. hot celebrity girls

    lets have a discusion on those celebrity beuties, the ones we dream about getting but deep down know we will never get. who do you like or hate? i love angelina jolie, i think she is the hottest, and i also like nelly furtado, i cant stand jessica simpson, i dont think shes good looking, and shes a bit of a bitch.
  9. The meaning of life

    i have always thought that the meaning of life is to reproduce, and keep life going.
  10. Should there be female cops?

    i think its a good idea, and i cant see any reason why it would generate controversy, i dont see why anyone would even be bothered to complain, we are all gonna die someday anyway. when you look at the big picture, everything we do is pointless.
  11. Who thinks JT could finally kill GTA?

    who is Jack Thompson anyway? i have heard his name spring up a few times before, what does he acctualy have to do with the gaming industry? but anyway, i have always said that its okay for someone underage to have gta if they are mature enough to understand whats real and whats not. im only 14 but my mom has brought me every GTA game because she knows that i am mature enough. however i dont think a kid aged 5 should have GTA games, because for starters, they wouldnt understand the story line, and all they would do is go round killing random people on the game, ands thats not a good example to set to someone that young.
  12. Photoshop

    what can i say, i have never stolen anything, and im not going to i will try gimp out thanks for the help guys
  13. Photoshop

    Okay, i want to start making some graphics and stuff and i want to know if theres is anywhere you can buy photoshop cs3 for a reasonable price, because i think $649 is rediculous price. i can go as high as $100, help will be much appreciated.
  14. Love & Relationships Thread

    i want to know how to get the really hot girls at my school. im not that great looking, but i have a kind personallity. i have tried to ask some of them out but i just get laughed at, its really depressing. does know what i have to do to get these girls to notice me?
  15. Sexual Preference

    im straight, but the thing is i have never had a real girlfriend, i havent even kissed another girl on the lips. i guess my standards are too high, i always go for the popular blondes that wouldnt give a second look at a guy like me