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  1. You may remember a big machinima movie of mine that I announced some days ago, codenamed "Homecoming". I´ve decided the real title, it´ll be called "The Red Connection". It´s time for a update right now. Below I´ll provide a synopsis of the movie, yes, movie. Also, I´ll gladly premiere the 1st teaser for the movie. Synopsis When Rick Harper returns to his birthtown, he soon realizes that nothing is the same. After witnessing his brothers murder in front of him, he decides to pursue his brother´s killers to get revenge. Rick must travel along a dangerous path of lies, betrayals, emotions, and even more death. It´s Time To Get Personal. Watch "The Red Connection" Teaser 1. Notes: 1. I hope youre happy I´ve got a Capture card now, I won´t point out any names. 2. I´m still playing around with the capture card, quality may not be the best, but it´s certainly better than before!. Hope you like it ~Brotha
  2. It doesn´t matter, as you might conclude, Serbs don´t have a bad image for nothing. And how can they call Balkan peaceful, when they themselves have destroyed it ? The worst warcrimes since WW2, rapings, killings of hundred thousands civilians, women, kids. That is what they have brought on to Balkan, and that is what Balkan will be known for. So I don´t care how many more movies or games that´ll "draw them back to the board", No, I´m actually happy they do it. But seriously. it´s a game, and Niko´s fucking badass.
  3. Hey guys, just thought I would share my newest project with you. It´s a teaser trailer for a upcoming Miniseries made in GTA IV, focusing mainly on illegal racing in LC and all that theres to it.Custom characters, custom story, custom everything! Crank up the sound, and I hope you´ll enjoy this little teaser! Clicky! ~Brotha
  4. GTA 3´s Liberty City is based mostly on NY, but not only that. GTA IV´s LC is of course NY. Speaking of the PC version of GTA, I really don´t know what to think, Rockstar has done some confusing stuff before, ported VCS to PS2 when many didn´t think they would, not making SAS when everyone thought they would, and so on. It would´t surprise me if they never announce the PC version.
  5. Well, yeah. I unfortunately don´t have a capture card, hence the quality. And Rainbow, the hardest place to find was actually the warehouse, I looked so hard but couldn´t find what in the heck it was!..then I remembered...this is not under a train station...it´s the friggin warehouse!
  6. Hey guys, I´m sure plenty of you remember my recreation videos of GTA IV´s trailers. I recreated them in San Andreas. Now, to celebrate the 1 Year anniversary on my first recreation video, here is: GTA IV Trailer 1 Recreated in GTA IV ! Note: The quality isn´t the best, and some locations aren´t the exact ones. But I´ll hope you enjoy it anyway! Cheers, Brotha
  7. Contents Hey guys, in this thread I´ll share my thoughts, facts, and predictions whom concern the next Grand Theft Auto. Consider these thoughts as a mix of educated guesses, with a factious ground. Below is a summary of things I´ll discuss, in the listed order. And don´t get afraid because its long, I think some people will get their own thoughts after reading this, thus forming their own ideas! 1. Year of release 2. Location 3. Protagonist 4. Misc 1. Year Of Release. GTA 3 came 2001 Vice City came 2002 San Andreas came 2004 IV came 2008. See any pattern ? Neither do I. The years that it took to develop the games are different, different scale, different graphical quality, different technical quality, different approach in development ETC. All these things vary in the games, and their development period. One certain thing is that IV required much more time to develop than the other GTA´s. Here´s a list that I´ve compiled which can help determine the year of release for next GTA. - Starting year, the start of the development ? - City, a city based on a real life city is faster to create, with reference points. - The size of the map. - The tech, do they upgrade original components or take time to create entirely new ones ? - Misc stuff, like how many new features they add, weapons, vehicles and such. And this is in my opinion, one of the most important thing we should question ourselves: Will we jump straight to GTA V, or, have a "subgame" like GTA: [insert Name] City ? My conclusion: Next Grand Theft Auto will be GTA V, and it will be released in late 2011 or early 2012 and it´ll be set in a completely new city. + we´ll see minor GTA titles on other platforms, like VCS and LCS were. or Next Grand Theft Auto will be one with an undertitle, depicting the city its in, just like the old games. If this is the case, it´ll be released earlier, late 2010. Note: The DLC is a way of keeping IV alive, while fans wait for the next GTA. The DLC could either be something smaller to expand IV, or it could be huge and replace another GTA title. So instead of making a new "filler" GTA game from scratch, they release DLC and jump directly to GTA V. 2. Location This is one of the hard departments, so I´ll keep it pretty short at least. If someone came up to me and asked me, "Where do you think the next GTA will take place ?" I would say, "In a city, based off a popculturous real life city. In the US of course." Many would immidiately hate me because I didn´t answer "London" or "Japan". But I think that is the truth, I don´t think GTA will take place outside the USA again, even if Rockstar had to remake Vice City 20 times. You just can´t do it as good as USA, why move outside the US and looking for diversity, when USA is the most culturally rich and mixed country in the world ? You almost have all nationalities there, almost all the different climates, and of course all the stereotypes of the world. "But everyone knows that they´ll remake VC and SA, cause they did it with GTA 3 LolZ!" No, they won´t. The reason I think this is that Rockstar knows that you have to go forward, you need to evolve. And remaking the old cities would do the opposite, no matter how much fans cry for them. Also, a fun fact, GTA 3 isn´t based on New York, it´s loosely based on different cities, to create a typical American city we see on our TV´s and such. So GTA IV is not a remake on GTA 3 at all. The era of the game will, in my opinion, be our present time. Just like IV, the next GTA will take place at the same time it comes out. This has also to do with evolution, it would be stupid to set the game in the 80´s, no matter how good music or colorful the clothes were. Take away the internet, cell phone, modern cars, and all of the other things we live with now, and it gets dumb. "But Vice city jumped from GTA 3´s 2001 to 1984! LolZ!" Yes, but Vice City was basically modeled after the movie Scarface, set in the 80´s. San Andreas too, from gangster movies like Boyz in Da hood and such. The games were done from the ground of popular movies from that time. The most smart thing would be to keep it in present time, and nothing else. My conclusion The game will be set in a present-day city based off one or several different American big cities. 3. Protagonist This is the hardest aspect to predict, the choice of the next GTA´s protagonist will be hard for Rockstar themselves I reckon. they´ve already used up many nationalities, and types of people in past games. And a chineese guy wouldn´t be a huge success if you know what I mean. But the point is that Rockstar are easily able to re-use a italian-american, or why not African-American ? As long as they make him an individual and not a stereotype, race or nationality doesn´t matter. I don´t think we´ll see any character creation central either, stuff like those are fun, but doesn´t provide much. I do believe we´ll see a totally new protagonist in the next GTA, cause Niko´s story will probably be fully told in the 2 upcoming DLC´s. If not, then I´m more than happy to welcome him back in the next GTA. Rockstar have worked hard on Niko and his story, and it would be a waste just to throw him away like that. My conclusion If not Niko´s story is finished in the DLC, he has a big chance of returning in the next GTA. However, if Rockstar chooses to create a new protagonist, he will be from a minority, like Niko was. Everyone thought "RUSSIA!" when they saw Niko in trailer 1, because of ignorance, Rockstar knows better, there is more to the world than USA and Russia. 4. Misc Here are some points I believe should be taken in consideration for the next GTA, these things have a big chance of being in the next GTA. - Deeper friendship gameplay. - More technical possibilities as in the real world, wireless Mp3 anyone ? - Everything will undergo an upgrade, Euphoria, vehicle damage ETC. - More integration with the real world, stuff like ZiT that we have now. That´s it guys, thanks for taking your time to read this, and remember, these are just my thoughts, nothing official. Feedback is appreciated! Cheers, Brotha
  8. Well, you Rem, can be one of the shooters, onboard a helicopter. I already have a stunt driver, so Sky can choose anything else I believe...it´s not even sure that I will do this video at all, so we´ll see.
  9. Well, It really doesn´t have to be an capturing card, if you have a decent DV Camera that you can place steady, its super
  10. Hey guys, I´m starting a new, for now, unnamed GTA IV video project. It´s basically just a fun project, that could turn out pretty cool. Full information will be handed out to the people I cast. Here are some simple criterias you need to fill to be able to seek a position in the cast. - Xbox 360 owner with at least 3 months of Live available. - Have some free time each day - The guy piloting the helicopter has to have a decent (doesn´t have to be amazing quality) recording device, alongside with me. I need... - 1 good helicopter pilot [] - 2 precise shooters [] - 3 ordinary guys [Oan SWAT,] - 1 good stunt driver (Flip a vehicle ?) [Degu,] So, if you think you fit into the team, leave me a private message or reply. Tell me what position you want! Thanks, Brotha
  11. Dude, you want everything from the start ... Did GTA 3 with a new engine had planes/bikes/huge map from the start ? Well hell NO, because they can't just put all they can think about in their first game and that's because 1. they save features for future GTAs 2. they are experiencing "next-gen" as an unknown territory 3. developing a next-gen game is hard ... I'm sure there are many other reasons ... Back to the subject, hehe nice vid man, is that your voice ? Nah, I found a dude who wanted to do the voice, cause I needed an American accent, me myself sound a lil bit like Niko xD
  12. Anyone remember The Saint´s Row 2 "Activities trailer" ? The one that bashed GTA IV for supposedly lacking stuff to do in it ? Anyone thought it was unneccesary and unprovoked ? I though that, and heres my answer. Clicky Note: If you can´t take a joke, don´t watch it allright ? Peace, Brotha
  13. I think he deserves more, I mean, He went to school to learn Serbian..just for a couple of sentences to make it real!
  14. Guys, I cannot get why people hasn´t settled this down. I hopes this gives everyone a conclusion. Dan Houser humself said a couple of weeks ago that Niko is created by R* after watching some movies that involved Yugoslavians and Chechen people, along with the studio´s "love" for tracksuits, they created Niko after some tries. Either way, I guess his language will give it away in the game, when he swears in his mothertounge.
  15. Hey guys, here´s a tribute to the anticipation of GTA IV that I´ve just put up, I hope you enjoy it! And I wanna thank you all for the love throughout the past year, I´m glad that I´m a part of the GTA community! The Road to GTA IV Cheers Brotha
  16. Hey, since the official LC map has been posted, I see no reason to continue on my map, so I´ll just post the WIP version of it, its far from finished. I wanted to the most realistic and authentic looking LC map, and you can see stuff that are pretty accurate about it. Many complained about the density of the streets on my previous maps, this is fixed in this one, even if the official map isn´t as dense as this one. Feel free to do whatever you want with this "template" just credit me Cheers Brotha
  17. Cause I´m the original author of the recreation videos, I gotta keep my legacy alive
  18. Yep guys, no resting here: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/185779.html
  19. Think of it like this way, GTA IV is a Spielberg movie, and Saint´s Row is a Vanilla Ice musicvideo.
  20. Thanks guys, didn´t think you would "resurrect" the site link
  21. I was bored, and had GTA on my mind, and here´s the result: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/183418.html
  22. Thanks Chris!, and nah I think they´ll go with a GPS style map, it is 2008 afterall. Mine was just a Vice City style
  23. It´s the triborough bridge+road, not completely 90 degrees but almost. http://maps.google.se/maps?q=Triborough+Br...ap&ct=title
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