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  1. Thanks Bossman!

  2. I don´t know what to say! Enjoy!!!! http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/159561.html Just don´t kill me Chris! No, seriously, what did you guys think of it ?
  3. Thanks guys! I´m glad you liked it!
  4. Nah..I would think I need to be a "higher person" in the GTA community to get E-mails from R*...like Chris!
  5. I hope that Sam,Dan or ANYONE at R* has seen any of my GTA IV Trailer remake videos in San Andreas...but that´s just a dream ,a dream that Chris makes more real by feature my videos on this great site!,thanks!
  6. True,but yeah there´s an area called Caucasia,but when people say caucasian,they almost always mean the skintone,and it said "Afro American" on Little Jacobs poster,so they do speak about the skincolor
  7. Hahaha "Dr.Dbl-Gee" You just made a complete fool outta yourself xD Caucasian means white skincolor,just like Afro American means black/Brown skin color. How could you not know that ? hahahaha You sure are funny xD
  8. Guys,I´m pretty sure Niko will be a more deep character than the others- Reasons to believe Niko´s russian: -When you hear eastern Europe>Russian -Stereotypical accent>Russian -Stereotypical look>Russian -Russia themed music in trailer music and scenes Reasons to believe Niko´s not Russian,instead possibly Yugoslav -The name,Nikolai is russian,but Bellic isn´t,names ending with ic are extremely common in Balkan. -"Zdravo Burazeru" is "Hi Brother/cousin" in Bosnian,although with a slightly different accent,much used by people from Sarajevo,the capital of Bosnia. - From an Interview with OXM: You've talked about picking culturally different neighbourhoods. Can you reveal any of the gang cultures apart from the Russians? Dan Houser(!): I can't reveal gangs too much yet, but one of the things that appealed to us about a) this character (who isn't actually Russian, he's from Eastern Europe) [...] Now you GOTTA believe one of the creators of Rockstar Games right ? *Off topic: What are those "dollars" under your join date ?
  9. Just playing around on PS,and made some custom facial hair modifications,some actually fitted Niko pretty good!,I like the "light" one http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/145717.html
  10. thanks guys!,well I would guess at about 10 hours,give or take
  11. Hi! I´m new here,I hope I´ll be able to be here long!
  12. Thanks man!! I´ll try to stay
  13. Thank you very much guys!,I´m glad that you liked it,it took me some hours to do it,so I´m very greateful to have it up on the best GTA site on the net!! Thanks!
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