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  1. hey dipshits if u watch cnt on any tv in yo safehouse a show called 'im rich' will come on in it if u watch it until the late middle of da show it mensions something about being extreme and it shows CJ SKY DIVING In LOS SANTOS. obviously its not a direct refrence 2 cj but it shows him
  2. Our man Niko Posted 2008-05-08 05:02 under Off The Record by Viktor Marković / 11 comments How much damage can a video game bring to a country’s already devastated image? We’ll just have to wait and see: new episode in a violent series GTA4 is out one week ago and it already seems according to both critics and fans that it will be one of the most talked about and most popular video games in history. So what’s it got to do with us over here at the peaceful little Balkans and our image? Well, the main character, the guy you get to control – killer, thug, wifebeater, childhater, beerdrinker weapons and trafficking expert and drugdealer is – Serbian. So much for our pitiful attempts to improve the dangeraously bad but still somewhat blurry picture foreigners have about Serbs – thanks to all the wars in the previous decade – all it takes is one fictional Niko Belic, Serbian veteran, from Bosnian war no less, to bring us back to the drawing board. This is not the first time Serbs have been depicted as bad guys – Hollywood movies have not been very kind to us, but most of them were flops that didn’t reach such a broad audience and didn’t leave such impact of the collective conciousness. With Grand Theft Auto IV – well I hope I’m wrong, but it seems to me that this one is going to stick around for a while. this is something i found off of belgrade 2.0. wtf? why is media taking such a negative bullshit swing at niko? Hes the friggin hero of da damn game. his character is a guy who is tryin to make in da world. As much as hes a gangster he respects his family. hes not a wifebeater, childhater, the drunk thing is a hilarious miny game. hes not bringing a bad image to serbia. i mean look at the popularity borat brung to kazekhstan.
  3. damn yall blown it way outta preportion all i said was a 9mm not a bunch of money, and also why the hell wud u tell me somethin i kno, who woud giv $20,000 to a stranger??!! Did you want a 9mm or the .45? 9mm u guys r dicks
  4. the dimensions same as ur nine tre mafia wit same hood background but hav 3 crips walkin out, one on left has two mac10's the one in middle has ak47, one on right has a chrome shotgun, behind them slightly to the right is a black hummer/patriot wit blue flames spanning across da top of da grafic, in bold gta style lettering put DA CRIPZ spannng da bottomleft put my name
  5. sold i want "DA CRIPS" on the left side of the bar in big bold gta style lettering , blue background and an ak47 on the right side of da bar
  6. i dont care i just wanna be strapped in case da gang wars start up if they ever do again
  7. san andreas hands down it was fun but theres so much crap u gotta do and its so damn long
  8. see i think it wud be a completely revised and remaid version of vicecity like they did wit liberty. i really wanna see los santos and vice city remaid, like LS wud be shaped more like LA and VC wud look more like miami . i picture it now ------grand-------- -----grand------ --------theft-------- ------theft------- -------auto-------- -----auto-------- ----vice city 2---- and --los santos----
  9. ^uses xp <im bored v whoeva under me bout to get sat on
  10. i figured out exactly wat i want, a 9mm colt45
  11. i want to hav 3d graphics and intense gang wars
  12. some1 plz giv me a weapon i dont care wat it is as long as its not a damn dildo
  13. wassup. im caude,im new and currently shit broke. $feel free to donate$ !
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