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  1. I been looking on GTA Myths Wiki and I found a little something called the Moto-Man. Apparently, there is a pedestrian who always wears an orange helmet that randomly walks around the Wash N Lube car wash in Willis. If you fire at this man, or even aim at his head, he will either vanish, or kill you instantly. Very interesting if you ask me. We need myth hunters on this. They say it's very rare to find him as well. There's only one photo of him in existence, taken in The Lost and Damned. I also heard about a sasquatch myth called the Bigfoot of Bohan on that site. A sasquatch in the park in Bohan with the little lake that stalks the player at night time. I felt I needed to spread the knowledge of these myths. Here's a link to the site: http://gta-myths.wikia.com/wiki/Moto-Man
  2. This is like a Goddamn creedypasta forum. This is pretty interesting stuff. Makes me wanna go myth hunting. Such fun.
  3. Why is Darth up there? I used to like him too, but he mods up the ass, and most of his stuff is fake as all hell
  4. One time when I was doing the mission where you gotta follow Candy Suxxx in a chopper, I got in the chopper, the rotor disappeared and the chopper started having a seizure, it flew itself through the ocean floor xD every time i turn off the frame limiter, some crazy shit happens, like I had a chainsaw and i made people go flying 20 feet in the air with it xDDDD
  5. Ok, this is impossible. Favourite song on Wildstyle: Run-D.M.C. - Rock Box Favourite song on Flash FM: 3 way tie between 99 Red Balloons, Out of Touch, and One Thing Leads to Another. Favourite song on Fever 105: Act Like You Know Favourite song on V-Rock: You Got Another Thing Comin' Favourite song on Esperanto: Mama Papa Tu Favourite song on Emotion 98.3: either Crockett's Theme or Tempted Favourite song on Wave 103: Obsession
  6. Hey, I got something strange to report. We all know about the Ghost on top of Mount Gordo right? well, every time I see it, it makes strange sounds, like demonic whispers. I got no clue if this is normal or not, because all the youtube videos of her I saw included silence, no strange noises. I just don't know, I might have to give my PS3 an exorcism or something cuz that's some crazy s**t.
  7. Hey guys im new to this forum biniss, and I'm a massive GTA fan. Anyway, I come with a possible new myth for Vice City. If you're familiar with the Washington Beach Police Station, you know there's a locker room with a nightstick and a cop uniform (after Cop Land) and a shower attatched. I went in there on my PC and I heard some strange heavy sound, like maybe breathing. but angered, Darth Vader-like breathing. It sounds like it's coming from one of the lockers. I'm not sure if it's just my copy of the game or others too, because I could not find anything about this on the internet. If only you could open the lockers... It could just be the Air Conditioner above the red lockers, but it sounds nothing like an AC.
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