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    My old Computer specs

    My old computer was a Dell: 3.0 GHz P4 512 MB of RAM ATi Radeon X300 + some other shit I can't remember. I got tired of it, so I bought a new one
  2. nils2911

    Which CPU?

    I recently bought a new gaming rig with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processor. I love it!
  3. nils2911

    Great Browser Poll

    Same as me. Opera is fairly unknown, and not a lot of people use it. I use it, and I love it! I recommend it to everybody!
  4. nils2911

    Favorite Radio Station

    My favorites are Flash and Wildstyle. I just can't get enough of the great beats they had in the eighties.
  5. nils2911


    Well ... Then they shouldn't release it. I know! It will be awesome!
  6. nils2911


    In my opinion, the only problem with LCS on the PS2, is the lagging. The framerate sucks, and this should not happen on games with suck-ass graphics. edit: First post!