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  1. F@iz@n

    new GTA

    I don't knew the name of next gta game....
  2. GTA : V or GTA : San Andreas Stories GTA : Tokyo Stories etc etc
  3. Gta mod installer can do this easily, it can convert GTA III cars to VC & VC cars to GTA III..... See the proof in the image below......
  4. u guys are rock ... My problem has been totally solved ...specially thanks to Jace for this LINK and chris for this LINK..... I take idea from chris link to replace the american.gxt and fonts.txd... I Solved this problem as that i open the file american.gxt with a gxt editor and saw that the words were in russian language (or i don't know what language was that) and after that i replace the whole folder of text with the original english version's text folder(which i take from my friend) and also replace the fonts.txd.............. and i thing that now i have two options to change the language 1. English 2. Spanish SUPERB THANKS TO TGTAP :clapping: i am attaching the pic of my solved problem....
  5. i totally can't understand russian...so is there anyway to give me complete tutorial to change it to english....
  6. Ok i am attaching a pic so that u can understand what language is it......advance thanks
  7. i have downloaded gta san andred-casino royale 2007 and when i installed it it was in another anguage than english i don't know anything about about that language....is there anyway to change it to english......????
  8. i also finished the game without popping his tires and without doing P.I.T
  9. hi finishingtoutch click the link below may be u find something u needed.... http://images.google.com.pk/images?gbv=2&a...G=Search+Images
  10. yes bro Psycho Connor is right....it is not a good way to treat new members but no problem bczzz u just say sorry to No Name.
  11. F@iz@n

    Happy Birthday, Sky!

    ooooooooooo wow happy your 16th birthday big bro sky bcz i am of 14 1/2 years old...
  12. F@iz@n


    You Welcome...