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    The ^<v Game

    K everybody knows how this goes...here are the rules: ^ say something about the person above you < say something about yourself v say soemthin about the person thats gonna post below you. here's an example Click Here Not allowed to do ^is right or ^is wrong because thats jst a waste of space. SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THEM (and do be a [email protected]$$ and reword it) lets start: < V wants a brick thrown at his forhead
  2. SanAndreas1829

    The ^<v Game

    ^ no, i dont < founder of crath.com v is going to register on it
  3. SanAndreas1829

    SanAndreas1829's Network

    Here's my Webiste http://www.crath.tz4.com and my forum http://s8.CRAPPY IF SITE/shane1829/ join my forum and chat, i gota arcade, theater and a few other little things, and im working on a live Chat room also, should be easy
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    what a suprise

    LMAO, dumb noobs, u dont copy somebody's freakin name
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  6. SanAndreas1829

    Spaz Made Handhelds

    lol, cool, image quality stinks
  7. SanAndreas1829

    Forest Fires

    i tried with the flame thrower and granades but no luck
  8. SanAndreas1829

    how to TELEPORT!

    did u actually test this?? (well try?)
  9. SanAndreas1829

    -//~Movie Theater~\\-

    on that crappy gtaforums.com site, their movies thred has like 150+pages on it and i have the settings at max, hope this one gets as big :/
  10. SanAndreas1829

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I would like, accumulating snow snow plow missions diff quads destructable buildings
  11. SanAndreas1829

    The ^<v Game

    ^ Has a cool avatar < !!got www.crath.com and needs a good ava v hasa crappy ava
  12. SanAndreas1829

    SanAndreas1829's Network

    WOOT!! Crath.com ITS ALL MINE yes i got a domain, tell me what you think of the new site layout and the information center
  13. SanAndreas1829

    fuck you all

    , thats freakin funny
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    Google Member

  15. SanAndreas1829

    Google Member

  16. SanAndreas1829

    The ^<v Game

    ^ thinks that we are running out of ideas but actually knows a bunch himself but he is not telling us < is doing the finishing touches on the quad he built v has a quad
  17. SanAndreas1829

    The ^<v Game

    ^ WTF, stop wasting time and saying "is right" or "is wrong" < Declined offer by MVI for webspace v has a pet hermit crab
  18. SanAndreas1829

    The ^<v Game

    ^ Is self centered < is advertising his network v likes my site and Forum
  19. SanAndreas1829

    SanAndreas1829's Network

    yea you can, u just cant start topics, only members can do that.
  20. SanAndreas1829

    The ^<v Game

    ^ Isnt supposed to ask them a question!!!!!!! < Is looking into MVI's site offer v is related to michael jakson
  21. SanAndreas1829

    SanAndreas1829's Network

    pre-installed forums, would that be, sub-forums, or clean ones? ipg or if?
  22. SanAndreas1829

    The ^<v Game

    ^ Is a member of kfm < is not a member and wants to tell people that you cand do ^is right or ^is wrong, and not to be a [email protected]$$ and reword it so u can say i didnt say u couldnt do it that way. v Isnt going to say is right or is wrong or however you put it, like everybody else
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    Check out my NEW forum

    cool man
  24. SanAndreas1829

    donate money to the poor guy

    well... on second thought... ha , just kidding
  25. SanAndreas1829

    Check out my NEW forum

    yea, im pretty sure it cost money