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  1. Wie kan me helpen aan en usb mod menu voor de playstation 3- 1:28 


  2. Help!GTA 4 wont start!when i click on it it says d3dx9_35.dll is missing,but i have that file,help!
  3. wait,grand theft wiki was part of wikia
  4. GTA SA STORIES takes place 5 years before GTA SA,in 1987,Brian gets killed,Sweet thinks CJ did it,when in fact it was teh ballas,Sweet wants to kill CJ,CJ runs to Liberty City. Missions IN THE BEGINNING#1 (cutscene)you get off the taxi at the LS Airport you fly with hte plane to Liberty City. You get out the airport at Liberty City. Go to your SAFEHOUSE. JOEY LEONE#2 (cutscene) Hey,Im Joey,I think you might work for me as a mechanic. First Job,steal me a car. Go to RED LIGHT DISTRICT steal a car. (custcene)cutscene showing CJ stealing the car Take the car back to JOEYS Mission passed!1000$ (your savehouse is GTA III savehouse)you can also buy LCS savehouse for 1000$ (Portland)more details soon MONEY#3 Some thief stole my money,get him and take my money back,he usually hangs around Red Light District. Get to RED LIGHT DISTRICT (cutscene)CJ takes back the money. Go to JOEY#4 Mission Passed!500$ JOEY KIDNAPPED#4 The Forellis Kidnapped JOEY!Go Save Him! Joey is at Marcos Bistro. KIll the FORELLI. Take joey back to his GARAGE. Mission Passed!100$ JOEY KIDNAPPED AGAIN#5 The Sindaccos kidnapped Joey! Joey is at HEPBURN HEIGHTS! Kill teh SINDACOOS! Take joey back to his PLACE. ANOTHER KIDNAP#6 The Triads Kidnapped Joey!Go to the FISH FACTORY! Kill the TRIADS! Take Joey back to the GARAGE! Mission Passed! SAN FIERRO TRIADS#7 Kill some Triads,they been causing me trouble. Kill TRIADS! Go to Chinatown. Go to Ammu-Nation in case you need weapons. SINDACCOS#8 Kill me some Sindaccos,they been causing me trouble. Kill SINDACCOS! Go to Ammu-Nation if you need munition. FORELLI#9 Kill me some Forellis,they been dissing me,man. Kill FORELLIS! Get to Ammu-Nation if you need weapons. THE BUM#10 I have a friend of mine,go get help him,go to the Harwood Tunnel. Get to the Harwood Tiunnel Hi,Im Darkel,i need you to do me some favors First,kill me some people with this flamethrower Kill 50 citizens with the flamethrower Time left 1,00 Mission Passed!100$ ANOTHER FAVOR#11 I need you to blow me up some cars with this rocket launcher now. Blow up 50 cars with the rocket launcher. Time Left 1,00 Mission Passed!100$ LOVE MEDIA#12 I need you to blow me up some skyscraper Take my plane,it will be useful Watch out for cops,they might be suspecting you. Dont fly to high or the copters take you down. Take the DODO.#13 Crash in the LOVE MEDIA Building. Mission Passed!100$ CURTLTY#14 Hi,this is one of my friends,Curtly,take him home. Take CURTLY to MARCOS BISTRO. Mission Passed!100$ TOM NOVY#15 Go to HEAD RADIO,a friend of mine will be there. Hi,Im Novy,Darkel said you might help me. Im busy this night,could YOu be the DJ? Sure. Alright,Bye. Be DJ for one night. Enter the HEAD RADIO building. Time Left 1,00 Mission Passed!100$ TRIADS#16 KIll me all teh Triads,they been causing some problem. Kill the Triads once and for all. If you need power-up,go to the Ammu-Nation opposite the subway. FORELLIS#17 Kill me the FORELLIS,they been causing me some problem. Kill all the FORELLIS. Go to Ammu-Nation for powerup. SINDACCOS#18 KIll me the SINDACCOS,they been causing me some trouble. Kill the SINDACCOS: GO to Ammu-Nation for powerup. Moving Out#19 Im giving you a task,go to Staunton Island,buy a house,kill some forellis and sindaccos for me,and here,take this phone,i will contact you from time to time. Buy a House in Staunton Island(GTA III safehouse)also GTA LCS SAFEHOUSE is available for purchase. NEWPORT BLOCKS brought for 1000$ Mission Passed!1000$ FORELLIS MUST DIE#20! Kill some Forellis in Bellevilel Park! Go to Ammu-Nation if you need powerup. Go to BINCO in Newport if you need clean clothes. MISSION PASSED! (cellphone)CJ,how its going?have you been killing some forellis? Yeah. Alright,listen to me,you need new clothes,you cant wear the same clothes forever,now listen,go to Binco in Newport and buy yourself some new clothes. Alright,Bye Ill catch on you later,Bye. Go to BINCO to buy clothes. SINDACCOS!#21 Go kill some Sindaccos in Bedford Point! MISSION PASSED! Now you can buy properties in Staunton Island!Keep your eye out on houses! KILL ME SOME MORE FORELLIS#22 (cellphone)CJ,listen,kill me all teh sindaccos in Staunton Island. Alright,im on it. I catch you later,Bye. Kill all the SINDACCOS,go to Bedford Point. Mission Passed! KILL ME SOME FORELLIS!#23 (cellphone)Hi,Im Joey,kill me all teh Forellis in Staunton Island. Alright,im on it,Bye. Kill FORELLIS!Go to Belleville Park! Go to Ammu-nation if you need backup. Moving Out#24 (cellphone)CJ,i give you another task,go to Shoreside Vale,buy a house,and kill me some more Forellis and Sindaccos. Alright I talk to you later,bye Go buy a house in SHORESIDE VALE. Mission Passed! KILL ME SOME MORE FORELLIS:#25 Kill some Forellis. Mission Passed! KILL ME SOME MORE SINDACCOS!#26 Kill some Sindaccos. Mission passed! LAST STAND!#27 (cellphone)CJ,kill me all teh forellis and sindaccos you can find,i want them wiped out from earth. Alirght,im on it,stay cool! I catch ya later. Kill FORELLIS and SINDACCOS! Mission Passed!1000$ LAST FAVOR#28 (cellphone)Hi,CJ,im the bum,you know,under Saint Marks in the tunnel,Joey Leones friend,i need you to do me another favor,come over right away. Go to the HARWOOD TUNNEL. I need you to blow up the AIRPORT. What? One last Favor. Youre crazy,if the cops catch me,im dead. I give you money? Money?You dont have shit,youre a bum. I get it from streets. Alright,i go. Blow up the Airport Get DARKELS dodo,it has a bomb in it. Fly over the AIRPORT,and drop the bomb on it. MISSION PASSED!1000$ 29#Buy Houses Buy the GTA LCS Safehouse. Mission Passed! 30#Mechanic CJ,you became a mechanic,my friend,drop in anytime if you feel like you want to work on a car,the garage is open beetween 5 and 21,dont be late. Alright,see you later,bye. 31#In The Ending CJ,you done me enough favors,i dont need more work,youre free,you can do anything you want. Alright,Bye. INFO Mechanic outfit delivered to Safehouses(MICHELLE OUTFIT) SOUNDTRACK RADIO STATIONS FLASHBACK FM 95.6 DJ - Reni Wesulmaier Tracklist Barry White - Youre The One I Need Conjure One - Sleep Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You Garbage - Milk Garou - Gitan Marc AAnthony - Tragedy Michael Cretu & THiers - Snowin Under My Skin Nightwish - Walking In The Air Sandra - The Journey Sarah O Connor - Skin On Skin The Kelly Family - Nanana Toni Braxton - Breathe Again Tracy Chapman - Baby Can I Hold You Vargo - Infinity Vaya Con Dios - Muddy Waters Vonda Shepard - I Only Want To Be With You Warren G Feat. Sissel - Prince Igor William Pitt - City Lights HEAD RADIO - DJ - Michael Hunter Tracklist Barry White - Just The Way You Are Chris De Burg - So Beautiful Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Of The Heart Vaya Con Dios - Forever Blue ZZ Top - Rough Boy Bruce Springsteen - Human Touch Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Carlos Santana - Maria, Maria Mr. Big - To Be With You Richard Marx - Angelia Tina Turner -Two People Youssou N Dour & Neneh Cherry - 7 Seconds Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River Touch & Go - Tango In Harlem Koreana - Hand In Hand Gina T - If You Go,My Love Audrey Landers - Blue Bayou Roxy Music - More Than THis Beach Boys - Kokomo LIPS 106 FM DJ - Andy Tracklist Andru Donalds - Snowing Under My Skin Terence Trent D ARby Feat. Des Ree - Delicate Kool & The Gang - Cherish Boyz II Men - I Make Love To You Bruce Springsteenm - Im On Fire Craig David - Walking Away Dido - White Flag Eurythmics - Miracle Of Love Gina T- Sail Over Seven Seas Highland - Bella Stella Leann Rimes - How Do I Live T Pau - China In Your Hand The Kelly Family - Santa Maria Joan Osborne - One Of Us Jessica - How Will I Know Saphir - Never Give You Up Schiller feat. Maya Saban - Ive Seen It All Jennifer Page - Crush Modern Talking - Dont Lose My Number LCFR(LIBERTY CITY FREE RADIO) Liberty City Survivor(1 h)(ep 18) Redneck Learning CDs Ad(1 m) NEWS(3 m) Liberty City Survivor(1 h)(ep 69) NEWS(3 m) More coming soon... USER TRACK PLAYER(PC) CD/DCD PLAYER(PSP,PS2,PS3,PS4,WII,XBOX ONE,XBOX 360) Developed By Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games for PSP(2005) PS2(2006) PC(2007) XBOX 360(2008) PS3(2009) XBOX ONE(2013) PS4(2014) WII(200
  5. ”Im not sure thats legal„What are you,Jack Thompson?
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