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  1. bvs21

    What are you currently playing?

    Scarface: The World Is Yours I'll bury you cock-a-roaches!
  2. bvs21

    Camera Spawn and fish fed

    Tried the "Mario" glitch and it worked like a charm. It's nice to have all balloons and weapons at the start. BTW, there's no real point in taking pictures because you don't have a gallery.
  3. bvs21

    cant beat "the exchange mission"

    You actually don't become fireproof, which should've been included. Therefore, try not to use the flamethrower or molotovs alot. Just stick to grenades, sniper rifle, and rocket launcher and you'll complete the mission in no time.
  4. bvs21

    The 10 Easter Eggs

    What's up with the extra easter egg on the PS2? It is at the actual egg near the VCN building, so there's 11 instead.
  5. bvs21

    Boomshine blowout (ps2) help!

    For some reason, you seem to do better on your first try. It actually took me 2 times because the first was a glitch where the forklift wouldn't hold the boomshine. Besides that, there is definitely a luck factor in this mission.
  6. Ironically, I justed posted a Rampage Map for PSP. Here, go to this topic and you will see the map link in one of my posts. Does anyone have 100% complete for the PSP? - The GTA Place Forums
  7. bvs21

    Mayhem pics.

    Have you ever tried using a Molotov? I used it on Millie because I was PO'd that she was never at her house. Anyway, she ran forever until she finally died; probably took about 1 minute.
  8. Uh, Crims On Water Wings is on the Escobar International runway. The Sanchez parked near the lighthouse in Ocean Beach activates Land, Sea, and Air Race. Rashon125, I think you're referring to that mission as "Crims on Wings". This might be confusing, but they're are actually 2 of these flying time trial missions. One is at Escobar as you mentioned and the other one is at the pier near the lighthouse. I am using the PS2 console so the missions might be different, but this is what I found. Anyway, here's a link for the PSP rampages. GameFAQs: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PSP) Rampages Map by stinkymcpeterso
  9. What system are you using? I believe it's 35 for any game console and 30 for PC or PSP version.
  10. bvs21

    Mission Help

    Just for feedback, try to avoid double posts. Also, at this point in the game, you should still have some JD, Salvatore, or Ma Cipriani missions. Otherwise, you will eventually get a phone call for the next mission.
  11. bvs21

    Milestone Posts

    Finally, my 100th post! It's a start.
  12. bvs21

    Favorite Gang and Gang Car

    BTW, here are the cars you get from each empire: Protection Racket: Idaho Loan Shark: Admiral Prostitution: Polaris V8 Drugs: Stallion Smuggling: Sabre Turbo Robbery: Landstalker These all become bulletproof once you own all 30 sites.
  13. I'm sure there will be some voice from Niko. I'd just hope it isn't similar to GTA3 with Claude or also known as the "Mute Asshole". I also thought SA had some of the best dialogue so they should include some of CJ's sayings.
  14. bvs21

    Favorite Gang and Gang Car

    For me, I'd go with either the Vance crime family or Cubans, basically any gang that won't shoot at you when spotted. I'd probably go with the Shark's Rancher. It's very durable and has easy handling.
  15. You forgot Rampages. They are icons that have a skull on them and you must kill a certain amount of people in 2 minutes. Also, there is a "Crims on Water Wings" mission that you can find near the lighthouse. It's pretty much a time trial.