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  1. I want to change CJ's white tank top into an Urban Camo top. I tried to figure it out myself using the GTA: SA Ultimate Editor thing, but after going through the steps (I backed it up in case it goofed) and loading it into the game, when I went to put the top on, my game crashed. The tutorial for clothing modding (Oshi's Tutorial) is no longer available, so can someone point in the direction of a different one?
  2. Good idea, and first post is updated.
  3. I saw some complaints earlier about this mod, where people didn't know how to install it because the file didn't come with a readme. So I found out and posted. As for performance, it does exactly as it is advertised. It causes the game to slow down some, though, and I use a laptop, so it makes my laptop heat up quicker than normal.
  4. You're right, they're .dat files. Still.
  5. 10X Draw Distance Mod Link I've figured out how to install it. In your GTA: SA data folder, usually found at C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data, there is a Video CD file called "timecyc." In the mod folder there is a replacement file. Backup your files first, then replace the original timecyc file witht he one provided in the mod folder.
  6. Hmm... I'll see about this logging in and report back when I'm less tired.
  7. Go to My Documents, then go to the file that says GTA San Andreas User Files. Inside this file is another file named User Tracks. Add .wav files to this folder of whatever song you want to hear, and viola. In the game, you'll have to go to Audio Options and Scan User Files or Scan Music or something like that... it has Scan in it. When you've scanned the music, while driving press Insert or Delete until you've hit the radio station User Track Files. Your music will be played here.
  8. ~.^ I had to log in to get into the game in the first place.
  9. I get the same thing. I can move CJ in and out of the camera, but the camera doesn't center on CJ, and I can't find any commands to move the camera so that I can explore more, and see where I am going.
  10. I've seen mods where people put Master Chief into this game... why not use a Shadow model from a Halo mod?
  11. My mod idea is a not-so-simple game crossover. I want to port Shadow the Hedgehog into GTA: SA. That's why I want to know.
  12. There's the "Never Wanted" code, though...
  13. SF3P0X1


    My computer runs GTA: SA fine, and I've been using mods and such. In any case I have an Acer laptop. Anyway, I did everything I was supposed to a second time, and it still crashed my game at the loading screen... perhaps the mod was bad?
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