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    San Andreas
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    Action or stealth games or games with good gameplay or good dailouges. As i am a writer myself so i like game with good scripts.

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  1. Happy Birthday.

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    How you doing?

  3. Well m a Pakistani N here is the Flag of my Country which was designed by Syed Amir-ud-Din Kedwai based on the 1906 flag of the All-India Muslim League. It was adopted on August 11, 1947, three days before independence of the country. The flag is commonly known as Sabz Hilali Parcham (lit. Green Flag with the Crescent) and Parcham-e-Sitara aw Hilal (lit. The Flag of the Crescent and Star). The flag comprises a dark green field (representing Muslim majority of the country) with a vertical white stripe in the hoist (left side) (representing non-Muslim minorities). In the centre, there is a white crescent symbolizing progress, and a white five-pointed star (light and knowledge). Baron
  4. Baron


    That doesn't look terribly convincing but it could be real. it sorta looks like its from a movie i mean, you don't see many ghost pics with a blue outline of the ghost yeah it might b i dont know wher da hell i got all there wierd pics from on ma hard drive mayb from ma cousin wen i waz copin wallpapers but whatever they are quite creepy
  5. And of top of that, use words that actually exist please. The last guy who used his ghetto slang bullshit here got ripped to shreds. Kthx Well cant get it i thought dat as people of every part ov world come to dat forum then it wud b a free one but hey wat i jus read dat u guyes made a guy suffer only bcuz ov his language waz a bit different. Wow wat waz dat for piority comlex or somthin else can anyone explain. N one more thing dat nothin like dat iz told in da rulez if dats so then it shud get in da rules topic. Peace what the FUCK did you just say? i didnt understand a word of it. and you know, language does NOT affect spelling. especially "dat" and "dem" use "th" so we can read it. its sortof like common courtesy. we know your not a gangsta that only talks in "dat G talk." also use S instead of Z. were helping you out so you dont fail and ultimately get pwned by everyone here. ggkkthxbai. Ayait sorry if i did something wrong thanks for ur kind advice(dont take it neagtivly) much respect
  6. Baron


    Ayait mine above pic might b a fake but wat abut dat one (i got a lot of stuff like dat stored)
  7. hey guys somesite t iget kicked out because ov ping exceds limit(600) wats dat it dont happen all da time but it wierd
  8. Baron


    lol i do have many stries but for me they are jus stories but its some thing i want to show you guys
  9. well fly above da pointer n when the plane come closer turn 180 n do a long dive to gain speed it will make u go even faster den da plan but its also harder to catch da corona with such speed
  10. its number 30 on that map cant find it any where it says its on the a of the final build construction sign in the brady guide but it isnt anywhere to be seen any ideas well i jus opened one of my old saved and here is da pic for dat snapshot
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