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  1. Ferret

    YAY! Rockstar working on Glitches!

    This dude is a lying ass troll. Ive seen him go around saying hopeful things about GTA4 regarding glitches and he doesn't back his posts up with evidence to support what hes saying.
  2. Ferret

    The "I Got GTA IV!" Thread

    I got it and it wont fucking stop freezing. I even returned the game to GameShit and got a new CD but even that wont work. The longest Ive played it is 10 minutes before it froze. This game fucking sucks, why does stupid shit like this happen to me and not that many other people? I don't deserve to have a shit copy of the game or a shit console.
  3. Ferret

    OMFG Huge Glitch (solved)

    What do you mean by "choose game gen"? What is that setting under?
  4. Ferret

    PS3 Version Freezing

    Guess what? I got to play for 10 minutes again before the game froze. Fucking shitty ass game. Again I collect some armor and head to get a desert eagle and the game froze right before I even got to see what it looked like. Fuck this game I want my money back, all $95 of it too.
  5. Ferret

    PS3 Version Freezing

    Well I just returned my GTA4 to GameShit and the fucking game still freezes. I thought it was fixed when I was able to drive around for 10 minutes and start collecting shit but then it freezes when I was about to go save. Now when I play it the fucker freezes in 2 minutes or less. I cant even do any missions! I cant even fucking save a car! I cant even fucking do anything! This is bullshit man. I'm going to delete and reinstall the game data and see if it was a bad ISO disc image and see if the game works.
  6. Ferret

    PS3 Version Freezing

    The people without freezing problems are lucky pricks. Ive heard on the us.playstation.com forums that that there is a HIGH LIKELIHOOD that if the game freezes and you continue to play it, your PS3 will stop reading all disks. Right now COD4 keeps quitting without me using the PS button and I just restarted the console and if the problem keeps happening and I have to send my PS3 back, I'm going to be pissed off. I don't have the receipt for the PS3 and why the hell should I pay for faulty hardware caused by faulty software? All I should need is the box and an address to have them ship a non-crappy piece of hardware to. I do hope that the assholes that drove around with their GTA4s hanging out of their windows suffer from the freezing problem too. They are the ones that deserve it, not me when I had to ride my bike in 40 degree weather in the rain and find out I cant pick my game up at a GameStop because it isn't where I prepaid the game at and have to go to one that is 15 miles away 6 hours later after glancing at the strategy guide and pretending I had the game. I tried to call the rockstar support line and it was busy and I hope those assholes give me money back for a faulty game and if I have to return the disc, I think I'm going to quit buying GTA games. Actually I should quit buying PS3 games. $60 bucks for a god damn cd that doesn't even work right. Every game Ive bought for the PS3 hasn't worked correctly and needed a patch for it or a patch was introduced that made the game suck balls except for NFS: Carbon because it doesn't have any patches. I remember Sega Genesis games costing $30 and PS games running $40. Now the games cost $60 and need to be patched AND YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR MAP PACKS! WHAT THE HELL? Bitch you should GIVE me the map pack so I wont lose interest in your crappy ass game and quit charging $10 for it. The Playstation Store is all about how far they can shove a blue penis up your ass and get money out of you. Then they have crappy controllers where the analog sticks stick and my character moves without me wanting it to and I cant aim because the stick is screwed. The controllers cost $40 so basically I lose a game when I get a controller to allow me to play a game without cheap ass made in China controllers making my aim drift. And then I purchase a GTA4 strategy guide for $21 when gamestop.com has it listed for $13. What the hell? Now not only is there a blue penis up my ass, but a red and white one as well. They are jamming my ass full of penis and I'm running out of room for more. Please tell me if I'm wrong or not.
  7. Ferret

    PS3 Version Freezing

    Mine is freezing too. I tried to call Take Twos support line and its busy. 1 866 405 5464. I have the 20 gigabyte PS3 and the game is freezing and I have to flip the back switch.
  8. Happy birthday

  9. Ferret

    Clark C. McClelland

    The server is set in the USA I see the flag on my Firefox due to an extension. So its in America.
  10. Ferret

    Clark C. McClelland

    Damn it I just posted something talking about the respecting of others beliefs and some asshole posts more shit that is saying shit about religion. Let people believe in their gods, people have been doing it for the 10,000+ years the race has been on Earth dude.
  11. Ferret

    Clark C. McClelland

    Sweet dude thanks for the site. I like that fringe shit. I loved the arguing above, and racism . Some dude in here hates Jews, and some other dudes being an asshole by saying that someones beliefs are wrong and shouldn't be believed. I know everything about religion, but I don't tell someone to not believe in it because I think its "far fetched" or bullshit because if someone wants to believe in something, they can go on the fuck ahead because this is America where its free until the Freemasons stop you.
  12. Ferret

    Anxiety? Disturbing? Is this right?

    That is the new ogrish site dude. Ogrish is a great site for seeing how the "peacekeeping" (sic) forces work.
  13. Ferret

    Area 51, Scared caller.

    You forced by making fun of. That is the point. Now please don't make this turn into a flame I don't feel like getting banned more.
  14. A DVD wont hold GTA4 dude. How can a DVD hold 50 gigs? It cant.
  15. Ferret

    Area 51, Scared caller.

    No. The reptilians I believe are merely a symbolism thing since I haven't seen them. But when I look into Boy Bushes eyes I see blackness and nothing else. Quit making fun of others ideas. Don't force your ideas on others dude. Acceptance is the key.