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About Me

I am Noodle (formerly known as Unnamed Noodle or Ar-v the Nameless), I am one of those fellows who randomly appear at the forums daily. Expect to see me somewhere here in the forums, lurking most of the times.

And I am a proud member of The Raiders Motorcycle Club, the one and only biker gang of TGTAP!

and to the people of The GTA Place, I am very thankful for everything after staying here for a time which I really enjoyed so much. But of course, it is inevitable that some things in this life can get me busy for a moment, now, I had to concentrate on college which made me very busy. I also lost my SA as well as my MTA, but I will try to get it back and reinstall it on my PC. As for now, I'll be away for a while.

I thank all of the TGTAP members especially to my friends (you know who you are!) :P, this is such a wonderful community.