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  1. Hey guys. Is there a 100% savegame for Vice City on Steam for Mac OS X? I've tried to download some of the Steam version saves but it crashes the game when loading on my MacBook. If anyone could find a working save game file that works on Mac OS X, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. I'm sure people have better things to do than to say something to amuse you. Most have jobs, go to university, school/college/social life activities, etc.
  3. Can you not spam it around different GTA forums? That's no way to promote viewing of your videos positively.
  4. A lot of us still come and check around the forums every now and then I think. I still snoop around the forums every now and then to see if anything has changed etc.
  5. I noticed that. Whether or not we've all misunderstood the update announcement or that R* has indeed lied to us AGAIN, I don't know. The R* lying part wouldn't surprise me though.
  6. [12/18/14] GTAV Title Update 1.19 (PS3/Xbox 360), 1.05 (PS4/Xbox One) So apparently R* have added first person mode with auto level camera settings to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game in update 1.19 with the below additions and fixes. -- In addition to the title update, for the Christmas holiday(s), R* has added Snowy weather with the ability to throw snowballs! Consequently showball fighting takes minor damage on the player who gets hit by a snowball, which is great, right?? - It also looks amazing. When throwing snowballs at vehicles, signs, buildings, etc it leaves a snow splash when thrown! The snowy weather has however made driving VERY difficult! And quite dangerous when speeding as vehicles become a little harder to control. It's all in great fun! If you've logged into GTA Online recently with the Snowy weather, the Homing missiles (guided seeker missiles etc) post below your comments and thoughts on the update! My gameplay video will be up on YouTube later today! - Check my channel for that! Here's 3 screenshots taken from my Elgato Game Capture HD! Enjoy, and hope everyone has a great Christmas!
  7. Apparently R* released this update "too early" or something. They've cut down the total earnings from these new DLC jobs from when they first released it. There's a lot of people raging about it or something. I started the flight school missions and got to the "Follow Leader" test to which I raged after having failed it 4 times, then passed it on the 5th attempt.
  8. Maxton, advertising your website is not allowed at TGTAP mate. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/2-forum-rules/
  9. The update is actually pretty cool. I definitely like the new Super Zentorno!
  10. As per the Forum Rules TGTAP does not provide support for people who pirate any Grand Theft Auto related game, nor does it allow discussion of warez.
  11. I hardly ever post on either GTA fansites anymore. GTAForums mostly because some if not almost all of the members just "troll" like little children...and/or because they're no longer as active as they used to be. Like TGTAP, iGTA etc. Back in the day, TGTAP was amazing with activity. Lots of members on at one time. Some awesome people...but 10 years online is a long ass time. And true, TGTAP is still growing, but there's hardly any posts anymore.
  12. So I was asleep an hour ago until I awoke because of the temperature in my bedroom is unbearable to sleep in. Bored, I randomly thought of a riddle...just thinking about random things..and then BOOM! This hit the top of my list. Use imagination to figure it out. It's all about imagination and your own reasonable ideas! Imagine you're in a dark room. You can't see a thing, yet you know there are 3 doors. One is guarded by spiders, the other, daggers. And the last, a tunnel of wind. How do you get out?
  13. Surprisingly, I haven't received a warning for quite some time. My last warning was in June, 2011.
  14. Hi Inspiron, welcome to The GTA Place! Not sure if this method will work precisely and am not suggesting it be a permanent "fix" to your crashes but it's worth a try. Try going to Start -> Control Panel -> System. Then go to "System Properties" and Select "Data Excecution Prevention" and you're going to want to select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:". Now browse for the "gta-vc.exe" excecutable and add it to the list. You may need to reboot your computer for these changes to take effect, however it should resolve the crashing problem you're currently experiencing.
  15. I'm fluent Italian, but I don't think I'd be the best candidate to help, unfortunately at the moment, Virgin Media cut my services and fined me £200 for apparent excess downloading. (Fuck Steam! -.-) P.S I'm actually posting this while being USB tethered from my Galaxy S4 (on a 4G LTE signal) on my PC.
  16. All I can say is simply 'good'. He's caused nothing but trouble since he became famous, and both him and One Direction are practically bad influences.
  17. I find it hard to believe you completed the game 100% in under a week on an iOS device..
  18. Just thought I'd say, happy new year to everyone! (12:02 AM GMT-London, 01/01/14)
  19. I doubt it'd benefit Chris in any way, so there may be little to no chance of you getting it YTE. Not to mention above, Chris did say he deleted the backups.
  20. Ah, shame. It was good while it was up and being used in proper manners anyway. Thanks for the info, Chris.
  21. So basically I've been wondering this for a very long time now...and haven't (still) exactly found a thread online (at all on any search engine) what exactly happened to ImageLodge.net? I'm still confused as I hoped to retrieve my images from it but came to the conclusion I'd never see them again. :/
  22. I read about this from a friends ranting status then again on BBC News/CNN. R.I.P Mr. Mandela.
  23. So... R* announced for Black Friday weekend sale(s) for GTA Online... - Fuck GTA Online, happy 11th birthday to The GTA Place!
  24. I've only got 2 crates...I went to chase one down last night in my nice red Entity XF and instead of getting there, I get blown up by my own crew member... -.- Then he continued to kill me so he could get it himself..
  25. Nate! Hey, good to see you. Been a long time, how are you? On-Topic: I'm rank 36/7 atm...I don't play like all the time, and unfortunately I don't have all the time I used to have on my hands. Work and gf takes practically all of my own time now. But either way, I do have a nice 10 car apartment near the hills with 7 cars, 2 bikes in!
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