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  1. Hehe, your becoming a young MAN now dude!
  2. Dude, trainers and cheats will mess your game up. Or if you've already done the cheats etc I will tell you, your game stats will stay 99%. it'll never reach 100% with cheats.
  3. Don't worry guys. ¢נ 4 ζフ 乇√乇尺, I'll do it for you later.
  4. Is that a Photoshop/MSPaint creation? Because it's quality fails. It's like that was actually made....with the text and all.
  5. Yesh. I'd like my login name changed from "IceAge" to just "Kel".
  6. Hello all. Could an Admin please change my forum login name to "Kel"? Thanks.
  7. "They see me trollin'......" Either that or you're ridiculously stupid. Any website that needs to entice you with a flash game in order to get you to visit is a shitty website. And FUCK, bright neon colors? What are you, 5? You need bright colors to grab your attention? And LOL at the way you speak to Chris as if he's a 12 year old who's never made a website before. Dude, I assure you, if he wanted to embed a game on the site, he could do it without ever visiting another website. I have to agree with Spaz on that one. Why would the website of TGTAP need "neon" sort of fonts to make the text stand out more? That'd be a little stupid, now wouldn't it? And flash games? Wtf. This is a GTA, yes....a GTA (Grand Theft Auto) fan site. Why would a GTA fan site want stupid flash games on it from stupid sites? As Spaz said, if Chris wanted some flash games on his site I pretty much think he'd make his own. He's not stupid you know.
  8. I normally come straight to the forum. I have TGTAP as my first bookmark. But yeah it's linked to go to the forum. I don't really check the homepage apart from to see the new POTD as Sherman said above.
  9. Well, my brother threw a snowball at me...I was walking past and I got snowballed.
  10. WOAH! Issn't that impossible, or is that video edited for those stunts? Jesus christ, not even I can do that.
  11. I didn't edit the picture, map or anything, I didn't use any trainer otherwise I would have been banned. (All though I have been ban evading alot. ) I am running out of names to use. According to this map I just looked for online: I was under and in the pipes at pne of the Waterwoks water station. Them pipes are also glitched as I sometimes went through them. I will post more images etc later.
  12. Thank you Mike. Thank you Thomas. Thank you Dom. I had an awesome day on my bday. Didn't have to go school etc etc. I think I put on a curse or something because the day before 2nd of Feb I wished all schools had to be closed due to a bad snowy weather.
  13. Hmm, where is this place? NOTE: Fraps Video coming soon!
  14. Not sure yet. I probably will be since this is the bestest GTA forum I have been on. I'll be staying.
  15. Yes. I like Coke, but I also drink most Pepsi.
  16. HostName: l Matt's Smoke Shop l The GodFather l Address: Players: 0 / 100 Ping: 166 Mode: The Godfather: LS/SF Map: San Andreas My friends SA server. Come play!
  17. Ooo, Orange Juice is 'very nice' as Borat would say. I generally have for my breakfast these: I also have milk chocolate bars aswell.
  18. Have you tried iPBFree.com?
  19. That's exactly what might have happened. When I first put on Back | Track 3 I had to delete 3 partitions using Linux's Terminal Konsole and create 3 partitions again. But I clicked format on windows so it should have went back to 4 GB. :/ When I first got it, it was 4GB. I haven't been ripped off or anything, I just have a problem with this 1GB thing.
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