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  1. At what rate? Only two nuclear warheads have ever been used in anger and that was 68 years ago earlier this month. It'll take a hell of a lot longer than 6 years to radiate the entire planet out of habitability at that rate. No one is randomly slinging nukes around just for lulz. Way to be melodramatic. Still, no offense toward the US or anything Spartan, but the US military seem to think nuclear warheads solve everything.
  2. All wars need to stop, period. Countries need to stop fighting each other...especially with nuclear weapons. At this rate there's not going to be an "Earth" to live on in the next 6 years if it all continues, because (I wouldn't be surprised) it'll all be radioactive.
  3. Mods! Mods are being used! N000B. I do hope R* get the PC version done shortly after. :/
  4. I wasn't born in Italy, but since I'm half British-half-Italian (a bit over half Italian to be exact, so I'm more Italian than British), I thought I may as well call it my nationality, but I live in the UK.
  5. Same, I've pre ordered the collectors also. Hope to get it as soon as it's release...though I think it's going to be sold out within a few hours in stores.
  6. Social life here sucks....I miss my mates in Cambridge -.-

  7. special status for Howie Ortiz-Sherwood to spam on...charlottes gunna go mad...

  8. UGH! still feel rather unwell! :(

  9. Hey guys. I need a graphic done if possible for my youtube channel? I've tried to ask on GTAForums but unfortunately they like to be ignorant. I posted a thread 3 months ago (May 16) yet I didn't get a single reply at all, yet they are still helping other requests...such ignorance! Who ever can do this for me will receive great appreciation and will also be added to my respect list. Name: KyleIceGaming Name #2: KyleIce45 (at bottom left) Size: Recommended channel art size: 2560 x 1440 Max file size: 2 MB Theme: Could one of you awesome GFX designers surprise me? It must be gaming related, and not tied only to GTA. GTA, Battlefield, Counter-Strike etc. Just a mixture of some popular games like CS, BF, Mass Effect 3 etc. Resources: Again, surprise me. Colors: And same as above. Additional info: This is for the YouTube channel art for my channel. I've attempted to make one myself, but it keeps stretching it when I do it unfortunately. Default YouTube Channel Art example: http://s.ytimg.com/yts/img/channels/c4/default_banner-vflYp0HrA.jpg My attempts: http://i43.tinypic.com/17xoo5.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/27yu5gx.jpg TGN.tv's channel art (as an example, not my work to claim!) http://i3.ytimg.com/u/VXIl8kDnBLlpbpukSZyluw/channels4_banner.jpg If one could do this for me, it'd be much appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Hey ladies and gentlenoobs. Just a quick question, is the downloads still being approved etc for new uploads?
  11. watching Russell Howards good news! :)

  12. Nice to know my news feed is casually being spammed by shared ask.fm links. LOL

  13. I don’t regret my past. I just regret the time I have wasted with the wrong people... :L

  14. Good god...governor leadership...uh oh, feel sorry for the poor state of San Andreas already!
  15. It used to be pretty active back in the day of San Andreas, when TGTAP was running IP.Board 2.3.4/5/6, though that was when it had it's own custom theme, the gangs system, and downloads being actively uploaded etc. True, some mods where never approved, some where. It's just that the staff had other things they had to take care of as well as moderating the forum. Some ignorant people expected admins to be on 24/7 just to approve their mods, and they got rude about it at some point if I remember. I'm positively sure that when V is released (and I agree with Mike) things "hopefully" will start to pick up again. If not just over more than what TGTAP used to have, since this new GTA title has more exciting features to offer us, not to mention how much GTA has changed in the past few years.
  16. "That which is eternal cannot die."

  17. In all fairness, I think it's a good thing R* are taking their time in actually releasing GTA V. It'd be a shame and spoil if they rushed the games development for us to later purchase it (finally) and find out that there are too many serious bugs to actually play the game properly. Granted, there are a few bugs, glitches etc in early release versions of the game...but at least R* then works on releasing a patch or two to significantly fix some of these bugs. I think the long awaited time for the release of the game is better than an early rushed release.
  18. Sounds good. Can't wait to hear more news about this.
  19. "Doin' time..usin up my tears at night,abusive life..I slowly start to lose my mind,I'm doin' time..livin life,I wake and cry I wonder why..I had to live to have to dieI'm doin' time...."

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