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  1. Unfortunately I have to vote for Gerard.
  2. Remember to close San Andreas whilst copying saved games into the folder. If you was not in-game, move the file with the mission TOXIC completed for you into your Saved games folder.
  3. Wow, very nice idea Jappe66. I think this would be cool too. That will be more easier to just click "Next" "Previous" instead of backing all the time.
  4. No, Denise gives you the Blue Pimp suit.
  5. http://www.thegtaplace.com/support/ Just scroll down to the purchase area.
  6. I've tested Windows 7 at College. It's awesome, way better then XP and Vista.
  7. That must be a virus/trojan then. Make sure you deeply scan your PC.
  8. Oh, I haven't watched that one. Plus, I don't know when it's on again. How can I watch it?
  9. I've seen nearly over 100 people having these as their forum signatures, forum, website, MSN, Steam, Xfire etc Avatars. What is with "Why so serious...?" ?? Why is it so many people totally obsessed with it?
  10. @Commander: Oh, sorry. GTA, GTA II, GTA Advance and GTA London included. Although I've never played GTA1, GTA II, GTA Advance, or GTALondon. Are they at all any good or are they both all three shit?
  11. Not really? Why would TGTAP lose activity?
  12. Dude, we're talking about the characters listed in the poll, and from GTA III to GTA IV. GTA and GTA 2 are not included.
  13. I am here. What's up? Seriously, it'd be much easier if you both had MSN. (I know Tox has MSN).
  14. GTA Most Knowledgeable (GTA3): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVC): Most Knowledgeable (GTASA): UrbanOutlaw Most Knowledgeable (GTALCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAIV): Best Stunter (Vice City): Best Stunter (San Andreas): Member Most Respected Member: TM Most Respected Mod/Super Mod: Llama Most Helpful Member: Spider-Vice Most Improved Member: Most Intelligent Member: Gerard () Best New Member: Funniest Member: Donald (GTA Don) Most Original Username: Ol' Dirty Bastard (K9) Biggest Geek: Chris82 Most Random Member: Best Personality: Sherbert (EDIT: Did I say "Sherbert" ? I meant Sherman. ) Graphics, Creativity, Skills etc. Best Avatar: Best Signature: Llama Best Graphics maker: TOXIC (I really like his work, along with Llama's and TMs) Best Animator: Best Writing/Story (creativity forum): Best Quality Posts: Gerard Best Written English: Best "About Me" page: TM Best Debater: Prestige Member of the Year: L-RiC
  15. I think Chris will say the exact same about this. That was a quote I just pasted from my topic.
  16. Did you read through the whore topic, or just randomly post "Troy"? I don't think there is a character in GTA who's name is "Troy" ?
  17. Toni sucks though, and Claude..well he doesn't say shit. Why did Rockstar never allow Claude to speak in GTA III? That really sucks, and yet in all the others from Vice City up the list they all speak.
  18. Shouldn't they spawn in some of the Police Station Carparks like GTA Vice City, and San Andreas?
  19. Are you mad? I don't think GTA IV has a pay 'n' Spray shop to be honest. GTA IV was developed to be way more realistic then the other GTA games.
  20. Yeah I agree. I havent yet played GTA IV on the PC though. I have played my foster brothers GTA IV on his Xbox 360. I remember it like it was just yesterday. I was on one of the islands near a to a Strip Club or what ever it is, on Portland Island and ramed a police cruiser off the bridge. It was awesome!
  21. Vote on who your best Character is out of the GTA Series from GTA III to GTA IV. Including the following series: GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories. Vote on people.
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