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  1. Yeah. I get it now, I just made shortcuts of all the songs I wanted to play and placed them in "User tracks" Cheers guys. Works a treat.
  2. Oh,[i] keep it in front of the ca[/i]r, gotcha. Its weird, on my first save file (With cheats) I did it first go, then on my other one without cheats, I just can't bloody do it. Yeah, thats Ceaser one
  3. Hmmmm...I dont know about this. Well, Hit and Run was ok..For little kids. I dont know what they can do this time.
  4. Me and my mates laugh whenever we try and impersonate OG Loc...Yeah its OG Loc baby ahaahaha (In his gay laugh:))
  5. That Smokey one were you need to shoot them guys on the top of the train while Smokey rides. Bloody annoying. And the one with Ceaser where you needa drive...I forget...
  6. Okay, thanks man. But where do I put my own tracks (MP3 Format I assume). All it has in the readme is this;
  7. Go to My Documents, then go to the file that says GTA San Andreas User Files. Inside this file is another file named User Tracks. Add .wav files to this folder of whatever song you want to hear, and viola. In the game, you'll have to go to Audio Options and Scan User Files or Scan Music or something like that... it has Scan in it. When you've scanned the music, while driving press Insert or Delete until you've hit the radio station User Track Files. Your music will be played here. Wow, that seems easy. Thanks! Anyone know about faces?
  8. Hey, Iam new here to this site, I have had San Andreas for ages but never knew you could actually modify it!!! Heaven!! Well anyways, I was wondering if it was possible to edit faces and maybe put your own face into the game somehow? Oh, and is there a way so you can put your own music in so you can play it while your driving? Cheers
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