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  1. Shut your mouths, I betcha you have unlocked on purpose just to see it. I betcha he just wants it because its so talked about.
  2. It just sucked. Character was crap, crap cars, no bikes. At the time might have been OK. I only got it in the GTAIII and GTAVC combo for PS2 and it twas pathetic.
  3. 40 bucks Aussie bucks. About 37 American I think. Its only 512kb
  4. PS2, because I like to play while in bed:)
  5. Adriano - he is always great (stupidly).
  6. Cool, cheers for the 5 stars mate

  7. Uggghh, thats crap. Because I have a 1280x9... monitor and when I ALT+TAB it takes like 10 mins to ajust itself. We need windowed! lol
  8. Hey, is there a way to play SA MP Windowed? Not just Alt+Tabbing between screens - but actually playing the online game windowed?
  9. jo54rdeaqh bwyh3o5t09 Haha, that was meant to be Jordan Shelton.
  10. Uhh, yeah thanks. I will try and do my best with that:) Hopefully I dont end up corrupting my damn game! lol
  11. Can anyone speak good Spanish or know if anyone can get me a translation for this peice of text? Or is there an English instruction version? It is a San Andreas Mod to get all new pimped out cars - but I cant read the installation! Any help would be appreciated! and here is the actual installation (the most important bit):
  12. What does a cheap gun cost over there? Second hand.
  13. Ok, that is just ridicolous - no wonder why they have so many deaths by gunshots!
  14. I skate, Ollies, Kickflips, Heelflips, 50-50, Smith. Thats it.
  15. WHAT THE FUCK? Does everyone in America have a bloody gun?
  16. I hate the Zero one where he keeps saying " We can't lose another transmitter".
  17. "My friend has a couple of copies" lol Sounds illegal
  18. Man, I nearly smashed my hand in two last night. I tried 5 times, every single fuckin time I get murked by them two attackers who just sit on my ass shooting until I catch fire and blow up! How can I shake these two attackers? They are killin me!
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