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  1. Deaththeftauto are you sure you remade it? I still don't see any synching.. Ghostchild is right, you guys will need a great editor, not just an average editor, who is known. Well its not needed, but if you want a kickass vid than it is needed, bad editing just makes stunts go to waste, no matter how good they are. Unfortunately, I don't think any of the known editors would have the time or make the time to edit this. Also, I think it should be someone from this community, since it is a thegtaplace community video, not gtastunting.com community video, as far as I know none of the editors ghostchild suggested are a part of this community. Actualy, Darkness joined yesterday, but he'd be definately too busy I'm pretty sure, for reasons I will not reveal.
  2. Yea, daf-fy is an ok editor, but he's doing the GTAS comm vid and complaining about that as it is, I doubt he take even more on his plate. Plus since its a thegtaplace community video the editor should be a part of the community. I can't remember what your editing is like ghostchild, but why don't you give it a shot?
  3. Touch of a samurai from uhh, samurai. I love the soundtrack to it.
  4. I know that it doesn't work for SA, but it definately works for VC. If theres a couple of people offering to edit, maybe a poll is the option? I'm only offering to edit if its VC/LC only, as I don't have SA. BTW, deaththeftauto, you got any videos where I can see your editing skill? EDIT: Don't worry, I checked the rest of this topic and found the sample video you made... It looked like just some stunts with some music, no offence, wheres the synching? Every transition should be synched IMO, your video showed no synching at all.
  5. I use a different main.scm and all replays work fine for me, unless your talking about SA?
  6. Oh btw, I forgot to ask in my previous post, will this be SA and VC, VC only, SA only, or what? I only have VC/LC.
  7. Here are all of the ATS Crew, Darkan and Solo vids, so get'em while they’re hot! Collect them all or swap them with a friend... in any case, they will be the perfect gift this time of year. WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 3. ALL PURCHASES ARE NON REFUNDABLE, BATTERIES SOLD SEPERATLY! Darkan Productions. Stunt Vids. LC Smackdown. Darkness and Kaneda. VC Smackdown. Darkness and Kaneda. Off Duty. Darkness and Kaneda. Off Duty 2. Darkness and Kaneda. SA Stunt Vids. SA Smackdown. Darkness and Kaneda. Latest Darkan Vid. Themed Vids The Getaway. Darkness and Kaneda. Addicted To Stunting(ATS) Stunt Vids. Game Over. Darkness, Kaneda and Nitzkit. The Four Horsemen. Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit and Neo Anderson... featuring Iguano. 5ive. Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson and GTA Fanatic. Overdrive. Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson and GTA Fanatic. Last Call. Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson. RPM. Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Aderson and Madmax. Dysfunctional. Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson, GTA Fanatic and Madmax. Ignition. Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson and Madmax. Fusion. (ATS) Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson, GTA Fanatic and Madmax. (TS) ZeroX, Urban Legend and Matt. Velocity. Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson, GTA Fanatic, Madmax and ZeroX. Break Out. Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson, Madmax and ZeroX. Break Out (HQ - Digitally Remastered) Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson, Madmax and ZeroX. Chronology. Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson, GTA Fanatic, Madmax and ZeroX. No Limits Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo Anderson, Madmax and ZeroX. Latest ATS Vid. Kaneda's Solo Vids. Stunt Vids. VRC Stunt Tutorial 1. Kaneda. VRC Stunt Tutorial 2. Kaneda. 2 Minutes In Liberty City. Kaneda. Adrenaline. Kaneda. Elevation. Kaneda. Themed Vids. White Rabbit. Kaneda. Nitzkit's Solo Vids. Stunt Vids. Pure Stunts. Nitzkit. Pure Stunts 2. Nitzkit. Higher Ground. Nitzkit. Loose Ends. Nitzkit. Under Ground. Nitzkit. Under Ground 2. Nitzkit. Neo Anderson's Solo Vids. Stunt Vids. Over The Edge. Neo Anderson. Up On Top. Neo Anderson. Against All Odds. Neo Anderson. One For The Road. Neo Anderson. Unchained. Neo Anderson. Breaking The Barrier. Neo Anderson. Shotgun. Neo Anderson. Delirium. Neo Anderson. SA Stunt Vids. Locked And Loaded. Neo Anderson. Wreckless. Neo Anderson. Case Closed. Neo Anderson. Themed Vids The Matrix: Vice City Style. Neo Anderson. Vice City Reloaded. Neo Anderson. Revolutions. Neo Anderson. Matrix Lobby Fight Scene. Neo Anderson. Twilight Zone. Neo Anderson. Comming Attractions. Neo Anderson. GTA Fanatic's Solo Vids. Stunt Vids. No Mercy. GTA Fanatic. Editing by GTA Fanatic. Stunts by the GTAStunting.com community. Liberate. GTA Fanatic. Redemption. GTA Fanatic. Havoc. GTA Fanatic. Editing by GTA Fanatic. Stunts by the GTAStunting.com community. Madmax's Solo Vids. Stunt Vids. Madmax's Stunt Vid. Madmax. Sickness. Madmax. Right Click and Save Target As To Download. Before We Forget. Madmax. Right Click and Save Target As To Download. ZeroX's Vids. Stunt Vids. Revelation. ZeroX. Distortion. ZeroX and Aenima. Zero Hour. ZeroX. Disciples. ZeroX, Aenima, Kemical and Morton. Animosity. ZeroX, Matt and Urban Legend. One Step Beyond. ZeroX. The Heroes Return To Liberty City. ZeroX, Daf-Fy!, NightFear, Madman & Prankster. If any of the links are not working, please notify me in a post of which link it is.
  8. If the decision of who's editing still hasn't been made, I volunteer. BTW if this is going to be successful everyone will need to save their stunts as replays, sending fraps recordings would take forever and sending clips that you have rendered from fraps recordings can cause a lot of quality loss due to the second render. If you don't know how to save a replay, F1 is to watch an unsaved replay (current replay), F2 is to save a replay and F3 is to watch a saved replay, keep in mind that you can only save one replay, so after you have saved it you will have to go to your vice city user files directory (located in my documents) and rename the file called "replay.rep" to something different, if you don't, next time you save a replay it will overwrite replay.rep. I'll probably submit a couple of stunts for this, regardless of who is editing.
  9. Ghostchilds vids are really old... but ok.. Hagz wasn't in this because he didn't have the time to do stunts for the vid.
  10. Well, another one to add to ATS's excessive amount of videos hehe. Editing: ZeroX Intro: Neo Stunters: You'll see soon Length: 6:12 Size: 83mb. --No Limits-- <<<--------------TGA Link. --No Limits-- <<<--------------FileFront Enjoy guys... Umm, I hate to ask for things, but Chris you think this vid could get a front page? I guarantee people will enjoy it. If not, cool, but if yes, even cooler.
  11. I've never actualy played SA. (thats right, NEVER) Personally, I think SA stunting sucks (from what I've seen), no offence to any SA stunters out there who have made vids, but I just don't like it at all. VC just seems so much more impressive, I also don't like how CJ is basically glued to the bike, it looks almost impossible to fall off, looks too easy if you ask me. VC 4 LIFE!
  12. Yea I stunted in GTA3, but never even considered making a video until VC had been out for like 2 years and I discovered the aMpT forums. I remember always driving an infernus or any other fast car off that big cliff on the 3rd island. Good fun And yea akuma the LC mod works for me and I am Australian, not sure what the problem is for you.
  13. Funny that you put this in now, chris, it was just the other day when GTAS was closed due to misuse that I was going to talk to you to see if you thought it would be a good idea to make a stunting section here, I must have forgotten. Well I guess you did think it was a good idea after all hehe.
  14. Go to the front page here I don't see anything? You mean the SA stunt vid? Cuz these are VC stunt vids and SA and VC are VERY different for stunting. Hehe, I guess people here are just interested in other GTA stuff instead of stunting. Oh by the way, if you want a really good SA stunt vid here I suggest you seek out Buzzsaw, hes the best SA stunter in mine and a lot of other people's minds.
  15. Seems pretty dead when it comes to stunt vids here dude
  16. Have you right-clicked on gta3.img and unchecked the read only box? If not, thats probably the problem.
  17. The new trick is the packer being set up on its side to create a steep ramp. TS sort of died due to lack of member activity and one member (Matt) "quit" but now he has joined Zero Signal. Yea, the spelling error lol, everyone in the crew had been watching the unfinished version of this video for the past week, only during the uploading of the final version was the spelling mistake noticed so there wasn't much we could do about it if we still wanted to release the video on time. About the cork2grinds and krail2grinds. I could have put so many more in the video but I keep them to a minimal as to not ruin the variety in the video and use up all the locations. They are a very hard stunt which only about 3 people other than myself have been able to accomplish. I was actualy the first person to ever do one with proof (I say with proof because heaps of people have claimed to do it before me, but could not prove it). Well I hope this video is being enjoyed thanks for taking the time to comment and I'll be checking back here every so often to check the feedback and to answer any questions anyone may have.
  18. Well long story short, the crew I started, Terror Squad, is no longer around anymore, I have left TS and joined ATS. Here is our latest video just finished today, edited by Darkness and featuring stunts from the whole ATS crew. There is also a new stunt in this video which I invented. Here is the link Velocity
  19. Hey dude nice spin, you should check out GTAstunting.com. By the way the world record spin is around 9200 (non glitched and landed)
  20. brisbane! the place to be
  21. Getting off the bike and back on (we call it an airgrab) is done exactly as it sounds, you get off than on the bike in the air just as you would do it on the ground except its very hard, it requires very good timing and some luck. Glad you guys are enjoying the video
  22. Well, TS is at it again, this time along side ATS. This spells only one thing.... PWNAGE!!! This video has an awesome intro and great stunts and editing to match, a must see for any Vice City or Stunting fan. The intro was created by kaneda and the editing by GTA Fanatic, members of the ATS stunt crew. The stunters featured in this video are as follows Darkness (ATS) GTA Fanatic (ATS) Kaneda (ATS) Madmax (ATS) Matt (TS) Neo Anderson (ATS) Nitzkit (ATS) Urban Legend (TS) ZeroX (TS) Well here it is!! -->FusioN<-- (Filefront) -->FusioN<-- (TheGamersAlliance) It is a 77mb download. Enjoy..
  23. No cheats or modifications were used at all well, except for health and armour cheats of course, but nothing effects the stunting at all. I'm not sure what you mean about the fence, several people have grinded the fence all the way along it and i also did a krail (opposite to inward 360) to grind on the same fence in a previous video. It is actualy lucky to grind the whole fence as your bike will quite frequently stall on the fence. I grinded the fence at least 10 times before actualy landing it and it took me days to do. The low inward 360 is because I leaned forward as i hit the jump (you must hit the jump on a certain angle) and completed most of the flip pretty much as soon as i hit the ramp. The bike stuck method is a newly discovered way of getting huge air (big thanks to neo anderson for discovering it) which everyone in the stunting community has been doing over the past 2 or 3 months. This is how I set up a BSM, I park a PCJ600 about 1- 2cm away from where I want it to get stuck, than jump on another PCJ600 and nudge it softly so it falls over, if sucessful the bike will be stuck and you can run into it as hard as you want and it won't come unstuck. There are other methods to set it up but this is the way I find easiest. Well, I hope this all makes sense
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