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Status Updates posted by TrialByFire

  1. first assignment of the year back, 79% not too shabby, I will take that.

  2. getting back into GTA IV and the episodes

  3. Had a great masturbation session whilst Helen was out shopping.

  4. Halloween, take 2 - now going as Jack Skellington.

  5. happy birthday Noru

  6. has finally completed Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on veteran difficulty

  7. has just got timeline... Looks good and i guess would be nice on a nostalgic day...

  8. has just seen the advert for gordon ramseys christmas cook-a-long, what a bastard lol

  9. hey dude, did you add me as a friend??? coz i got an email alert saying someone did...

  10. hey happy birthday, haha your old now:P

  11. Holly talking about a picture she took of Bedford river: "look if you saw that on the internet and you weren't from Bedford that could be anywhere... It could be Venice" you know she definitely didn't grow up in Bedford

  12. i am indeedy, can't acess the lcf private forum atm, long story, give it 2 weeks and i will :) and er yeah hi back lol


  14. In reference to sebastian from the little mermaid;Me: so why is he a rasta?Helen: coz he is a crabOf course...

  15. Info Sys Lecture cancelled, rest of the day off? Oh wait no I have an Info Sys essay to write...

  16. is done done done for christmas! Last assessment handed and got my IS essay back, 60% more than I was expecting from that one!

  17. just listened to the acoustic version of 'Do it like a dude' by Jessie J on Spotify. Oh my God it is amazing

  18. kl fair enough, am adding you on msn btw whether you like it or not :P

  19. less than 24 hours till the first GTA V trailer is released :D